Oct 312015
Inside the Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots

For decades now, science fiction has dreamed of a not so distant future where robots make the world a better place for mankind. Japan has been one the forefront of the robotic revolution for quite a while now. Now, that the technology has a some time to mature, Motherboard reports that there is now a hotel in Japan that is run entirely by robots. Cool or creepy? Or both?


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Oct 202015
Smooth Criminal Played On Traditional Japanese Instruments

Michael Jackson has countless famous hits, and one favorite is Smooth Criminal. Alien Ant Farm already covered the song with a rock and roll spin, but fans have never heard anything like this. Professional shakuhachi player Yoshimi Tsujimoto performed the timeless song using a traditional Japanese bamboo flute in this trending clip.


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Oct 152015
Samurai Slices High Speed Baseball In Half

The Samurais of Japan have been famous around the world for centuries for their impressive athletic and fighting abilities. Just because we’re in 2015 doesn’t mean the ancient group is hanging up their swords and ninja stars. This video of a Samurai slicing a baseball being pitched super fast has instantly gone viral for good reason. It’s crazy!


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Sep 172015
School Lunch In Japan

Sadly, in America public schools are notorious for unhealthy food and rude, rowdy students. Things are a little bit different in Japan. Instead of eating in a cafeteria, a few students from each class go and pick up a cart full of healthy, homemade food for the class. The teacher even eats with them. This video from April has gone viral now with over 150,000 new views!


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Jul 072015
Reasons Why Japanese Bathrooms are the Best

Nearly every bathroom in the Western world is the exact same. There are no surprises. But if you travel to Japan, you might be shocked to learn that there are a few major differences. Canadian-Japanese girl Aiko explains the many differences in Japan compared to Canada and the rest of the Western world in her popular show, Life Where I’m From. In this viral video which has over 800,000 hits, she explains the “12 reasons why Japanese bathrooms are the best.” 


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