Jun 132014
Samurai Plays Soccer In Brazil

Nissin Food Group, the company responsible for keeping college kids well fed on Cup Noodle, has debuted this instantly viral soccer commercial. In honor of the World Cup, the Japanese noodle company sent a fully armored samurai to Brazil to demonstrate how incredibly talented the famous ninjas can be their feet. The week old commercial has already garnered over 4 million views!


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May 292014
Super Mario Mercedes Benz Commercial

Forget Yoshi! Mario has a new, much sweeter ride and it’s from Germany. Mercedes Benz Japan made the right decision to promote their famous German made cars in Mario’s homeland by merging Mercedes with the classic Super Mario Brothers game. The resulting commercial is just perfect. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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May 242014
Walking Backwards Through Tokyo In Reverse

This month old video by Simon Bouisson is simply mind-blowing. To create the stunning visuals in this clip, Simon walked backwards all around Tokyo. Then he reversed the video to make it appear that he was the only one walking normally while the rest of the country was somehow in a constant state of rewind. Truly stunning!  


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May 242014
But We’re Speaking Japanese Comedy Sketch

When a group of friends go to a delicious Japanese pub, the waitress immediately starts speaking in Japanese with the woman who looks Asian. But she was born in America and can’t speak a word of Japanese declares her friends in fluent Japanese! Still, the waitress isn’t having any of it. This hilarious comedy sketch by Help Me Find Parents covers how many of us often make quick cultural assumptions simply based on race. Especially in the traditional country of Japan. 


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May 142014
Yo-Yo Baby Will Blow Your Mind

Japanese six year old Kazuya Murata is known around the world as the Yo-yo Baby. Everywhere he goes he surprises viewers with his epic yo-yo skills. We’re not talking about simple tricks like Walk The Dog and Around The World. You really have to watch his performance at the 2013 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships to grasp just how much of a yo-yo master this kid is.  


Via DailyPicks

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