Jul 182014
Japanese School Girl Ninjas

This video by Japanese channel SUNTORY starts off innocently enough. It seems to just feature two girls playing and chasing each other in school. But things quickly escalate. Viewers soon realize we have two parkour ninja masters on our hands. The clip has instantly gone viral with over 850,000 views!


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Jul 152014
Japanese Train Twirls Seats Around

Trains are slow and inconvenient in America, but in Japan high-speed trains rule. Everyone takes the train in Japan which are super fast, comfortable, and affordable. To make the ride even more enjoyable, the train cars twirl the seats around so that passengers are facing forward on every trip no matter which direction they are travelling. Japanese YouTuber Danny Choo posted this video of the seats resetting which has gone viral with over a quarter million views!


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Jul 082014
Super Fast Japanese Cook Makes Pancakes

The Japanese are known for their speed and efficiency. This Japanese chef in this video truly lives up to the stereotype. Just watch as he makes a huge tray of pancakes in moments, and then flips them with perfect form. Looks yummy. I’ll have two please. 


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May 242014
Walking Backwards Through Tokyo In Reverse

This month old video by Simon Bouisson is simply mind-blowing. To create the stunning visuals in this clip, Simon walked backwards all around Tokyo. Then he reversed the video to make it appear that he was the only one walking normally while the rest of the country was somehow in a constant state of rewind. Truly stunning!  


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May 242014
But We’re Speaking Japanese Comedy Sketch

When a group of friends go to a delicious Japanese pub, the waitress immediately starts speaking in Japanese with the woman who looks Asian. But she was born in America and can’t speak a word of Japanese declares her friends in fluent Japanese! Still, the waitress isn’t having any of it. This hilarious comedy sketch by Help Me Find Parents covers how many of us often make quick cultural assumptions simply based on race. Especially in the traditional country of Japan. 


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