Nov 082012

 claims little Massey as the world’s smallest dog. And most would agree as the ‘tiny terrier’ is only 7 cm tall, 12 cm long, and weighs only 250 grams. That’s only a little more than half a pound! She’s basically the size of a hamster, and one could argue one of the cutest things on Earth. 

(OMG, who else wants tiny, little, cute hamster-dogs?!?!)


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Aug 092011

Jesse, the cute little Jack Russel Terrier, first went viral back in September for his amazing useful dog tricks. He could even throw away the trash. Well, now he’s back, and he has even more prodigy level tricks. Now he can turn the water faucet on and off, open the cabinet and get his own canned dog food out, and more! The video is featured by TheDailyWhat


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