Sep 032014
Doggy Cam Captures The Exciting Moment Dog Runs To The Beach

Remember the excited dog from Pixar’s Up? Well, Walter is basically the real life version of that lovable pup. Italian Sciu attached a GoPro camera to the back of Walter to capture the moment when he excitedly runs to the beach in Siracusa, Sicily. Splash!


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Mar 212014
Nun Singing ‘No One’ On The Voice Of Italy Will Blow Your Mind

Sister Cristina Scuccia is not your usual contestant on The Voice. She is an Orsolina nun of the Holy Family in Milan. She has always wanted to sing, and the Church finally agreed. 

She performed No One by Alicia Keys on The Voice Of Italy and has instantly gone viral across the web. She has garnered over 3.7 million views in just two days!



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Dec 022013
Italian Girl Demonstrates Italian Hand Gestures

NSFW Language 

Italians are famous for their over the top hand gestures, but if you’re not Italian the gestures may only confuse you.

Thankfully, Italian YouTuber Veronika Poli demonstrates all the most common hand gestures in her country in this trending video


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Nov 252013
Dramatic Raining Of Volcanic Ash And Rocks In Sicily

Over the weekend, Europe’s most active volcano Mt. Etna erupted in Italy and lit up the sky with red magma. 

As a result, ash and lava stones pelted parts of Sicily like black hail. 

TuriBSides posted this dramatic video taken in the North-Eastern part of Sicily.


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