Apr 072014
OrCam Computer Reading Glasses Gives Sight To The Seeing-Impaired

With the help of new breakthroughs in science and technology, Orcam Technologies is bringing sight to the seeing-impaired. The user wears special glasses that can read, understand, and learn countless words, symbols, and even faces. Just by pointing at an object, the device can deliver what it sees into a special earphone to the wearer. 


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Mar 192014
Desert River Is Dramatically Reborn In Israel

The Negev desert in Israel is obviously a dry, arid place. But, after years of drought, the Zin river in the desert was miraculously reborn thanks to heavy mountain rainfall miles away.

Villagers gathered as flash flood waters rushed down, quenching the cracked, dusty river bed.

Israeli YouTuber דוד גל-אור מסלולים posted the dramatic video of the rare event onto YouTube


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Mar 122014
Adjustable Hidden Swimming Pool Is What You Need This Summer

Israeli engineering company Agor Engineering has created an adjustable swimming pool that is safer, cooler, and more efficient than a traditional pool. 

When you aren’t swimming, the pool floor can be raised completely level with the ground so you retain your backyard space and unattended children are out of harms way. 

We’ll order three please!


Via TheAwesomer and Cheezburger

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Oct 142013
Rabbi Brothers Perform ‘The Sound Of Silence’ On The Rising Star

A new musical talent show television series from Israel is quickly dethroning the likes of The Voice, and is already set to debut in France and Germany

The singing competition is the first to allow viewers to vote for their favorite stars live during the broadcast via a special app.  

Now, this unexpected clip of two rabbi brothers performing the Simon and Garfunkel single The Sound of Silence is trending, and is further promoting the new show around the world. 


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May 032013

Arguably the most famous city in the world, Jerusalem is home to three great religions and countless forms of faith, nationality, and race. As everyone know too well, there has been fighting over the city for decades. 

The One Wish Jerusalem project wants to end all quarrel. It is a reminder of our similarities.

In honor of the 65th year of the state of Israel, the camera crew of OneWish traveled to Jerusalem to ask the people the same question. What is your one wish?

Naturally, there are those who wish for only themselves. But those wishers usually are the young. Nearly, everyone else understands that everyone must work together for prosperity and peace. 


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