Oct 222015
Falafel Guy Has Epic Skills

Falafel is a popular street food across the entire Middle East, and it is especially popular in Israel. One falafel stand in the small town of Afula not only offers delicious crispy fried chickpea balls, but they offer a show with every pita sandwich. Just watch as the server somehow tosses the balls around, but catches each one in the pita pocket. Yum! This older video is trending now more than ever. 


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Oct 212015
Inventors Create Waste Management Device That Creates Energy At Home

As the world population continues to grow larger, issues such as energy needs and waste management have been critical. Thankfully, a group of inventors have created a device that takes on both issues. The Teva Gas is basically a large box you put in your backyard where you discard all your organic waste. Bacteria inside the box breaks the waste down and produce gas which you can use to heat your home, cook with, or even power your lights. Genius! 


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Jul 282015
Guy Shaves His Beard For First Time In 14 Years

Since he was 30 years old, Mook Amit has has a beard. Now that he’s 44, he’s decided to change things up a bit, and shave his beard for the first time in 14 years. His young children actually have never seen him without facial hair.

Naturally, he decided to document his makeover in this viral video


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Jun 252015
Soup Nazi Appears In Pepsi Max Commercial

Even though the show ended 17 years ago, Seinfeld is still amazingly popular, especially on the Internet. Realizing this, Pepsi Max made a new commercial featuring one of the most famous Seinfeld characters, the notorious Soup Nazi. It’s no surprise Seinfeld fans are liking and sharing this new viral commercial. This falafel is making me thirsty!


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May 252014
Natural Cubes Of Salt From The Dead Sea Will Blow Your Mind

The Dead Sea in Israel is famous as the lowest point on Earth. It is also the saltiest body of water in the world. As a result of the high saline level, animals cannot flourish there, hence the name Dead Sea. The sea is a popular tourist attraction as the salty, minerally water and mud can be used in many skin therapies. Also, the density of the water makes swimmers float! How cool is that?

Israeli YouTuber Jabulani demonstrates another reason why the Dead Sea is so amazing in this video. Somehow, perfect cubes of salt are naturally formed, and can be found on the shore. Crazy. 


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