Apr 112014
Irish Brewmaster Reviews American Cheap Wines

After having a wine expert taste test cheap beers, Buzzfeed is switching things up. 

Americans sure love their cheap wine. But how does the cheap stuff from the super box store stand up to the pallet of a professional Irish brewmaster?

BuzzFeed wanted to find out, so they enlisted the help of brewmaster Damian McConn to taste and review a slew of American cheapo wines


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Nov 092013
Ten Year Old Boy Can Fluently Talk Backwards

IIJoII‘s ten year old son has an extremely unique talent. Cameron can literally talk backwards. To prove it, he speaks into a tablet’s mic using a voice recording app, and plays his recording backwards. 

His gibberish amazingly turns into fluent English!

The video was posted online over a year ago, but has gone viral now, and is trending over the weekend. 


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Jun 182013

https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/scott-bradlee/id329095174Scott Bradlee and Post Modern Jukebox have made a name for themselves online, turning pop songs into something completely new by covering them in a unique and often obscure music genre.

They last covered PSY’s new hit single Gentleman with a 1920′s twist and quickly garnered over 650,000 views.

This time, they cover Daft Punk’s latest hit sensation Get Lucky from an Irish Folk song perspective


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May 142013

Irish singing duo Jack and Cormac have gone viral! The two teens appeared on Britain’s Got Talent over the weekend singing Of Monsters and Men’s hit single Little Talks, which quickly stirred the audience to their feet.

Already, they appear to be the most popular of all the acts this week, garnering over a quarter million views so far.


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Apr 202013

Apparently, not all train rides are created equal. Tanya Comber was on a Dublin train travelling across Ireland to Galway when a very uncommon scene unfolded. Well, perhaps uncommon for anyone who isn’t Irish. 

On her train car was a group of musicians that started to celebrate the weekend early right there on the train. Soon, a teen was set dancing on a small table as the musicians played traditional Irish folk music and witnesses clapped their hands and enjoyed the music as if it was just another Friday afternoon. 


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