Jan 152014
Boy Scientist Invents Better Sandbag To Protect Against Salt Water Floods

Peyton Robertson is a favorite of Ellen DeGenerous, and for good reason.

The young boy isn’t just s science prodigy, but he also is using his knowledge to make the world a better place.

Back in October, he won the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for his ingenious sand-less ‘sandbags’ invention that protect land from salt water floods better than traditional sandbags. 

His creation is covered on Mirror and HuffPost.


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Jan 132014
Inventor Creates Cookie Perfection Machine

Like so many people, inventor Ben Krasnow is obsessed with the perfect cookie. 

But it’s difficult to find the perfect recipe making batch after batch. 

To help him find the secret to the perfect cookie, Ben has created the Cookie Perfection Machine.

Using a computer program, he can precisely manipulate each ingredient and make one cookie at a time.

Now, he can tinker with countless variations of the simple chocolate chip cookie and finally discover the best recipe.

Mrs. Fields, you’ll be dethroned soon enough.  

Over the weekend, this video demonstrating his device has gone viral with over 100,000 hits so far!


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Jan 132014
The Solowheel Is The 21st Century Unicycle

The Segway is so 2001.

Thankfully, Inventist Inc has taken the concept of the Segway one step further with the Solowheel. Instead of a two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicle, the Solowheel has only one wheel as its name implies. 

This video explaining the invention that can only be described as a 21st century version of the unicycle is from last July, but has only gone viral now.


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Dec 292013
Etch A Sketch Inventor Tribute

Many famous personalities, celebrities, and musicians passed in 2013.

André Cassagnes, the inventor of the iconic Etch A Sketch drawing toy, is one of the lesser known people who left our world this year.  

The New York Times honors the man and his invention in this mesmerizing animation


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Dec 242013
This Candy Sorting Machine Is The Perfect Gift For Your OCD Loved Ones

Candies such as M&M’s and Skittles are great, but the mix of colors can make a person with OCD go mad.

Thankfully, ivcvideo made this candy sorting machine. No more will you have to pick out your favorite flavor from a mix of candies.  


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