Oct 232014
Launching Of Detroit Littoral Combat Ship

Have you ever stopped to think how giant boats are built on land, but end up in the ocean? How do engineers do it? Lockheed Martin has just finished building the brand new Littoral Combat Ship Detroit, and launched it into the Menominee River last weekend. This viral video demonstrates the mind blowing way they launch such a vast vessel into the water. 


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Oct 222014
PhotoMath Smartphone App Can Solve Any Math Problem

First there was the pocket calculator, and arithmetic became easier. Then scientific calculators helped with algebra. But now, everything in math class will forever change after this new app from mobile vision software company MicroBLINK goes viral. The new PhotoMath app can not only solve a difficult mathematical equation using any smart camera device, but it even shows the work! Kids have it so easy these days!


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Oct 222014
Motorcycle Chariot

This outrageous video by La Moka was published in 2012, but has only gone viral now with over 100,000 new views! While driving on the streets of Sturgis, Ashlea and Amber noticed a very strange vehicle in front of them. After further investigation, they realized that it was a motorcycle chariot! That’s right, a man in a chariot being pulled by a motorcycle. 


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Oct 212014
The World’s First Hoverboard Is Real

Ever since the 1989 blockbuster film Back To The Future II, kids and grown ups alike have been wishing for a hoverboard. It’s just so darn cool! Well, now one group of scientists claim to have cracked the secret to creating a hoverboard. Hendo Hover has just launched this KickStarter program to raise a quarter million dollars to create the real thing. In one day they have surpassed $150,000 so it seems they will easily reach their capital goal.  


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Sep 182014
Gyroscope Maksimatic Cup Holder Saves Cups From Spilling In The Car

Is there anything worse than driving with a nice cup of soda or coffee filled to the brim only for the cup to spill during a sharp turn or short stop? The Maksimatic Cup Holder wants to make that problem history. The unique cup holder is basically a gyroscope so the cup moves with the liquid during turns and bursts of sudden acceleration or deceleration. Other similar products exist, but this commercial demo for the Maksimatic Cup Holder has still gone viral with almost half a million views already!


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