Dec 212013
Innovative Seaboard Grand Piano Overview

What exactly is the Seaboard GRAND?

The Seaboard GRAND is a brand new innovative instrument with a continuous surface based on the piano by ROLI.

Performers can play the keyed instrument just like a piano but can also bend and twist their notes, “marrying the intuitiveness of a traditional instrument with the versatility of digital technology.”

This video demonstrating the high tech piano has amassed over 575,000 views in less than two weeks. 


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Dec 182013
Full Sized Lego Car Is Also Powered By Air

Melbourne entrepreneur and marketer Steve Sammartino and his Romanian buddy Raul Oaida, who happens to be a ‘technology genius,’ are truly insane.

The adult children teamed up to not only create a full sized Lego car made up of over half a million pieces, but they even made sure the car was completely functional.

Better yet, the engine–which has four orbital engines and a total of 256 pistons–runs on pure air pressure. 


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Dec 122013
Tronical Tune Automatic Guitar Tuner Proves We Really Are In The Future

This commercial for Tronical Tune seems like it could have been cut directly from Back To The Future

The device tunes a guitar completely by itself, the same way an automatic transmission does all the gear shifting for the driver. 

Andy Williams of Every Time I Die demonstrates the ease of the self-tuning device by simply setting his guitar to drop D tuning, and watching as the servos automatically and exactly twist and tighten the guitar strings for the perfect sound. 

Guess and check tuning will soon be a concept of the past.  


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Dec 052013
The Copenhagen Wheel Hybrid Electric Bike Wheel Commercial

Cycling is a great way to reduce pollution, stay fit, and travel. But long distances and steep hills often impede on people’s desire to cycle.

The brand new Copenhagen Wheel changes all that.

Instead of requiring the purchase of an expensive hybrid-electric bicycle, the new Copenhagen Wheel simply replaces the rear wheel of your bike.

Just run the special app on your smartphone, and the small battery housed in the wheel saves energy when you are coasting or braking, and gives you a boost of power with its tiny motor when you are travelling uphill. 


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Nov 292013
Northwestern Professor Invents New Lightboard Thats Leaves The Old Chalkboard In The Dust

In this digital day and age, a chalk board or even dry erase board no longer cuts it in the classroom.

That’s why engineering professor Michael Peshkin of Northwestern University devised the Lightboard, a digital LED dry erase board that can even super impose graphics from his computer. 

Read more on LaughingSquid.


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