Jun 272014
potato drill

Remember the viral video of a cook peeling an apple in just seconds by using a power drill? That video has over 620,000 shares on Facebook! Now, Leo Morten Lund has just taken the power drill trick to the next level. Instead of peeling a bowl of potatoes one at a time, he simply attached a scrubbing brush to a drill, and scrubs the skins off of the potatoes in seconds! Genius!


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Jun 192014
The World’s First Useless Candle

The Internet has seen many useless boxes before. Now, inventor and super nerd BD594 is taking the useless concept to the next level. For his latest project, he created the world’s first useless candle. Just like the useless box, the useless candle turns itself ‘off’ whenever the candle is lit. 


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Jun 092014
Helicopter Trims Tree

Slope Mower posted this video at the end of 2012, but it has only gone viral now with 400,000 new views. What do you do when large trees are growing too close to the power lines? They’re too high to cut by hand. How about using a helicopter! 


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Jun 052014
This Is What Happens When An Engineer Owns A Dog

This viral video by The Unknown But Not Hidden shows exactly what happens when an engineer owns a pet dog. The engineer is obviously very busy, so instead of playing fetch, he simply built this ingenious fetch machine. The smart dog quickly picked up on how to use the machine. Awesome! Over the past week, this video has garnered over one million views!


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May 292014
Inventor Creates Wrist Flamethrowers To Be Like Pyro X-Man

Crazy inventor Colin Furze is on a roll, creating outrageous gadgets to be more like the X-Men. He has been trending online after creating automatic Wolverine claws and magnetic Magneto boots. Now, he’s continuing with his X-Men obsession. This time, he built wrist flamethrowers to be just like Pyro and shoot fire from his hands whenever he wants to burn someone or just make some toast real quick. 

Click here to see how he built it!


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