Feb 162015
beehive on tap

Is there anything better than the sweet, natural taste of honey? Not only is it delicious, but it is one of the healthiest sweeteners available. If only there was an easier way to harvest the sweet treat. Now there is thanks to FlowHive.

The new honey company claims to have invented a patented process to literally harvest honey out of a special beehive that has a simple tap. It’s a beekeeper’s dream!

This video has gone viral on Facebook with over two million hits


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Feb 162015
The Driverless Cars of Greenwich

There’s been a lot of talk about self-driving cars recently. Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and Google are all racing to debut the first car to drive completely by computer. Though they are all getting close, we are still a few years away from fully autonomous cars. 

But British scientist Tom Scott is already enjoying self-driving cars in Greenwich, London. The Transport Research Laboratory is testing Meridian Shuttles that are completely autonomous. There’s no backup driver at all. Of course, they go very slowly and only drive in pedestrian areas, but it’s a start! 


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Feb 112015
Guy Invents New Microwave With Infrared And Heat Camera

Over the past few years, nearly everything we commonly use has advanced with technology. But there’s one invention that is apparently still stuck in the 70’s. The microwave. Sure, it now has a nice digital keyboard and timer, but the basic concept hasn’t changed much. 

Mark Rober has always dreamed of a smarter microwave and believes that he has finally figured it out. A microwave with an infrared and heat camera, so you can actually watch your food heat up on your smartphone while you’re in the other room. Genius! 

Interested in his microwave? Check it out at BetterMicrowave.


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Feb 112015
Luna Makes Any Mattress A Smart Bed

It seems everything at home is becoming ‘smarter’ by connecting to the Internet. But Matteo Franceschetti wasn’t satisfied with his bed. Finally, he and his team have created a mattress cover called Luna that turns any bed into a smart one. 

The Luna can communicate with other smart devices to make sure your house is ready for bed, such as turning off lights, locking the door, and setting your alarm. And that’s just the beginning. 

Interested? Pre-order a Luna here


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Feb 052015
Robot Pours The Perfect Beer

This video by German channel RalphScarcross was published way back when YouTube was nearly brand new in 2006, but it is trending again now. The clip features a robotic arm which pours the perfect beer. So now that it’s at least nine years old why aren’t they selling these things at Walmart and Best Buy? I want one! 


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