Feb 152014
Evolution Door Opens And Closes By Transforming Flip Panels

This video by Klemens Torggler was posted in 2013, but has only gone viral recently this past week with over 1.6 million new views

The quick clip demonstrates the evolution door which is made up of four triangles on hinges. To ‘open’ or ‘close’ the door, the user lightly pushes the edge to bend the triangles and flip the door to the side. 



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Feb 062014
How To Make A Mind Blowing Rolling Illusion Toy

The Web’s most famous illusionist, Brusspup, demonstrates how to make his latest illusion–based on the Sin that was designed by Peer Clahsen–for viewers at home in his latest video

All you need is some glue, sand paper, and two styrofoam rings. Glue the rings together as demonstrated and you’re in business. Paint them with glow in the dark paint for even more fun!


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Feb 042014
How Ketchup Packets Work In Australia

Adam McDowell posted this video way back in 2009, but it has only virally exploded online now with over 175,000 new hits

For some reason, ketchup packets often served with fast food haven’t advanced in years. They’re still tiny packets that require a tear resulting in most of the tomato sauce going to waste. 

But Australia has apparently figured out a better way. 



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Jan 152014
Boy Scientist Invents Better Sandbag To Protect Against Salt Water Floods

Peyton Robertson is a favorite of Ellen DeGenerous, and for good reason.

The young boy isn’t just s science prodigy, but he also is using his knowledge to make the world a better place.

Back in October, he won the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for his ingenious sand-less ‘sandbags’ invention that protect land from salt water floods better than traditional sandbags. 

His creation is covered on Mirror and HuffPost.


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Jan 132014
Inventor Creates Cookie Perfection Machine

Like so many people, inventor Ben Krasnow is obsessed with the perfect cookie. 

But it’s difficult to find the perfect recipe making batch after batch. 

To help him find the secret to the perfect cookie, Ben has created the Cookie Perfection Machine.

Using a computer program, he can precisely manipulate each ingredient and make one cookie at a time.

Now, he can tinker with countless variations of the simple chocolate chip cookie and finally discover the best recipe.

Mrs. Fields, you’ll be dethroned soon enough.  

Over the weekend, this video demonstrating his device has gone viral with over 100,000 hits so far!


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