Feb 032016
Snowball Machine Gun

It might be February, and Puxatony Phil might claim that spring is just around the corner, but Old Man Winter is a funny guy. Just when you think the snow and ice is over he can slam you with an unexpected blizzard.

So just in case you find yourself covered in the cold, white stuff again, inventor Mark Rober explains how to make a tool that will guarantee you win every snowball fight ever. It’s a snowball machine gun!


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Jan 282016
Device That Automaticly Blasts Loud Music At Loud Neighbors Is Genius

We’ve all had those neighbors. You know, the ones that don’t seem to have any job or life at all except for blasting really loud, annoying music all day and night long. It’s enough to drive even the most stable of people completely insane.

Matthew Br is sick and tired of his obnoxious neighbors who seem to constantly blast annoying, crappy music. So he created a simple device that detects loud noise coming from the wall and if the noise remains constant for ten seconds, it will start blasting Who Let The Dogs Out so loud, the entire building can hear it. It’s an invention the guys from Revenge of the Nerds would be proud of. 


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Dec 302015
Disney Invents Wall-Climbing Remote Control Robot Car

When you think about Disney, cuddly cartoons, catchy musical numbers, and world famous amusement parks come to mind. But Disney is so much than just Mickey Mouse and The Lion King. 

The global entertainment powerhouse is also in the research and development field. Their latest invention is quite impressive. It’s a remote control robot car that is capable of driving on walls thanks to two tiltable propellers that provide thrust and suction. 


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Dec 292015
Chopping Machine TV Shop commercial

Last week, Simone Giertz went viral with her strange and creepy chopping machine invention. It’s just a simple contraption that has two knives attached to it that constantly chop whatever is in its way. Now, she made this late night infomercial parody to promote her new product. This thing belongs in a horror movie. 


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Dec 182015
Nerd Makes Real Life Light Saber

For decades, the light saber has entranced nerds and movie watchers. It’s probably one of the coolest science fiction weapons every imagined. What’s cooler? Exactly. But it has always been something from an imaginary world. 

Not any more. Finally, an inventor has created a real life light saber that is actually dangerous and burns! Sufficiently Advanced, you are a genius. But please, don’t join the dark side. This video has gone viral with over half a million hits already!


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