Apr 222014
High School Students Create Better Ketchup Bottle Cap

There’s nothing worse than making the perfect burger will all the toppings only to squirt a nice dab of ketchup on top and that nasty watery mixture comes out to stain your sandwich instead. 

Sure you could just shake the bottle before hand, but high school seniors Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson have a better idea. After hours of sketching and testing, KCPT reports that the two 3D printed their own special ketchup bottle cap design that prevents the separated water from coming out. 

The only question is, will Heinz buy their ketchup bottle cap design?


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Apr 222014
Tiny Micro-Robots Build Thigns

Technology company SRI International has unveiled a new revolution in robotics. They have built magnetically actuated micro-robots that can work together in groups of thousands to build much larger products in a factory setting. No doubt, this is a glimpse into the future of manufacturing. 


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Apr 222014
Alton Brown Creates Mustard Caddy From Egg Carton

Is there anything more annoying than having a slew of almost empty bottles of mustard in the fridge? Foodie Alton Brown has solved this problem with his ingenious mustard caddy. Made from a recycled egg carton, the mustard caddy can hold all of your mustard bottles upside down you don’t have to wait even a moment to spray your hot dog with the yellow good stuff. 


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Apr 212014
Inventor Creates Spiderman ‘Webshooter’

German laser specialist Anselmo Fan Zero created his very own fan-made Spiderman ‘webshooter’ in honor of the new Spiderman film debuting in Germany. The impressive device is worn on the wrist and fires a small retractable harpoon in place of a spider’s webbing. 

Video demonstrating his device has amassed over half a million views in less than a week, and is further reviewed on Mashable and DailyDot


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Apr 072014
OrCam Computer Reading Glasses Gives Sight To The Seeing-Impaired

With the help of new breakthroughs in science and technology, Orcam Technologies is bringing sight to the seeing-impaired. The user wears special glasses that can read, understand, and learn countless words, symbols, and even faces. Just by pointing at an object, the device can deliver what it sees into a special earphone to the wearer. 


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