Apr 072014
OrCam Computer Reading Glasses Gives Sight To The Seeing-Impaired

With the help of new breakthroughs in science and technology, Orcam Technologies is bringing sight to the seeing-impaired. The user wears special glasses that can read, understand, and learn countless words, symbols, and even faces. Just by pointing at an object, the device can deliver what it sees into a special earphone to the wearer. 


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Apr 022014
airballoon turbine

Wind turbines are a great way to collect clean, renewable electricity. The problem is, there is often not enough wind. Being stationary can also cause issues. 

Enter the BAT, or Buoyant Airborne Turbine, from Altaeros Energies.

The new wind turbines are launched in helium-filled, inflatable shells that allow them to collect wind power at much higher altitudes than traditional wind turbines where the wind blows stronger.

They can even be deployed at remote locations and disaster relief zones. 


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Mar 302014
Pendulum Rolling Ball Clock Is Mesmerizing

Using simple wood pieces, gears, and wire, Turnvater Janosch invented a completely mechanical pendulum rolling ball clock

A weight sinks slowly for 12 hours turning a dial which moves the metal balls. Each ball represents one minute. The clock is so precise, it doesn’t veer by even one second after a day of counting. 


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Mar 252014
High Five Camera Will Put A Smile On Your Face

‘s latest invention won’t cure disease or make him a millionaire. Still, his High Five Camera is putting smiles on people’s faces. 

Using an Arduino Yun controller and a GoPro, he was able to create a camera that started recorded right before he gave a stranger a high five. 

His resulting high five music video is guaranteed to make you smile. 


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Mar 112014
Working LEGO Computer Keyboard

Jason Allemann has taken Lego to the next level. Using the internal sensor pad and circuit board from an old generic computer keyboard, he created a completely working, custom made Lego keyboard

Lego needs to start selling this as an official product. It’s the perfect keyboard for Lego Mindstorm programming. 


Via LaughingSquid

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