Aug 052014
‘Apparently Kid’ Has The Cutest News Interview Ever

Reporter Sofia Ojeda of WNEP had no idea when she started an interview with a cute kid at the Wayne County Fair that she had a viral video star on her hands. But as Noah Ritter from Wilkes-Barre talked, it quickly became apparent that he was destined for viral video fame. Apparently…  


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Aug 012014
Chris Pratt On Flashing Amy Poehler On Parks And Recreation

Actor Chris Pratt is famous for playing the role of Andy on NBC’s popular sitcom Parks And Recreation. While visiting Late Night with Seth Meyers, Chris recalled the hilarious story when he unexpectedly flashed Amy Poehler on set. Though he got into trouble, they still used that footage for the show as it prompted the best response from Poehler.  


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Jul 112014
What It’s Like To Be A Real Life Mermaid

Countless young girls dream of being a mermaid when they grow up. Sadly, that’s impossible. But three young women have actually realized their dreams of becoming mermaids. Erin, Lauren, and Katie are real life mermaids who work at the Florida Aquarium. OK, they’re not real mermaids, but they sure are as close as it gets. BuzzFeed interviewed the three to see what it’s like to wake up and be a mermaid for work instead of going to the office everyday. Best job ever!


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Jul 082014
Joan Rivers Storms Out Of CNN Interview

Comedian Joan Rivers is famous for her abrupt, in your face attitude. If Joan has something to say, she’ll say it. And if she doesn’t like something, she’ll do something about it. So when she was being interviewed on CNN, and didn’t like all the negative spin, she let hostess Fredricka Whitfield know exactly how she felt and stormed off the set.

Now, the video has gone viral with over one million hits, and a debate has erupted online if Joan was in the right or not. 


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Jul 032014
Soccer Fans Lie About The World Cup

Most Americans have no idea what the actual rules of professional soccer are. But Jimmy Kimmel has discovered that even self-proclaimed soccer fans don’t really know what’s going on in the sport. Jim sent his Lie Witness News team to the streets of Hollywood to ask soccer fans how they thought Landon Donovan was doing in the World Cup. You know, the athlete who isn’t playing in the Cup at all… 


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