Jan 212015
Jessie J Sings With Her Mouth Closed

This clip from the BBC‘s Graham Norton Show has exploded online with over 2 million views! While visiting Graham and talking about award show season, Jessie J brought up her amazing ability to talk and sing with her mouth closed. She demonstrated her unique skill by singing a little bit of her smash hit single Bang Bang


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Jan 162015
Foolish People Give Jimmy Kimmel Their Passwords

Your password is one of your most important secrets that you should never tell. Of course, it makes it a lot easier to remember the code if it’s based on some date or person important in your life. Just don’t make the mistake of accidentally admitting the sensitive information for your password to a stranger on the street with a microphone like the fools in this Jimmy Kimmel Live video did. WTF people?


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Jan 132015
Buzzfeed Gives Celebrities Breathalyzer Tests At The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes Awards is an exciting time for fans of Hollywood, and even more thrilling for the celebrities who get to actually attend the ceremonies. Naturally, expensive champagne and drinks are aplenty. That gave BuzzFeed an idea. Why not give celebrities at the red carpet a breathalyzer test to see who pregamed before the award show?


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Jan 072015
Jimmy Fallon Missed His Chance To Date Nicole Kidman

How depressed would you be if you found out years later that you had a chance to date Australian actress Nicole Kidman, but you foolishly blew your chance? That’s exactly what happened to Jimmy Fallon. While hosting the popular actress, Nicole retold the story from years ago when the two first met. Jimmy didn’t realize it at the time, but Nicole thought they were going on a date. Jimmy had no idea and only realized that he screwed up now. This video has instantly gone viral with over over 3 million hits


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Jan 052015
Radio Hosts Confront Rihanna Over Stolen Song

The last time pop star Rihanna visited Australian radio DJ’s Hamish & Andy, the two joked with her that she can take any nonsensical noises or words, like rum pa pa pam, and make a song out of it. They then jokingly told her not to ‘steal’ their lyrics.

After being reminded of this, Rihanna couldn’t help but hide her smile, because she knew very well that her hit song Man Down contained those very sounds. 


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