Sep 042013
Meteor Armageddon In Fake Window During Job Interview Prank

Imagine you finally get called back for a job interview only for the Armageddon to finally strike right in the middle of your meeting? 

That’s exactly the premise behind this prank by bizipapo and LG.

Before the prank, they setting up a giant ultra HD LG television with a pristine picture of outside that was so clear, it appeared to be a real window to the real outdoors. 

Once the meeting had begun, the interviewees were horrified to see a very real looking meteor plummeting towards the downtown area right in the middle of their interview.


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Aug 202013

Apparently, it takes a while for trends to make it to Australia. Grumpy Cat originally went viral last September, but the Australian TODAY show was only able to schedule him on their show recently

Host Karl Stefanovic was the lucky anchor to ‘interview‘ the cat, but could only withstand a minute of questioning the grump before breaking down into hysterics. 


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Aug 182013

Kid President–the popular kid who has been ‘elected’ President of the Internet by Rain Wilson’s Soul Pancake channel–is a regular viral video star. 

Kid Pres has grown so renown that just this past April, he met the real President Barack Obama. That video stands with over 4.4 million views.

After meeting with the POTUS for an interview, Kid President only had one person left to meet. The one and only Beyonce

Now, his Beyonce interview, which highlights World Humanitarian Day, has instantly gone viral. 


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Aug 162013

Back in the March, the BBC’s Chris Stark went viral after video of his interview with Hollywood bombshell Mila Kunis hit the web. That original video stands with over 11 million hits

After such success, the BBC Radio 1 commissioned for Chris to nervously interview another Hollywood starlet, this time Friends famous Jennifer Anniston. Already, the new clip has garnered over half a million views.


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Aug 152013

As a fun gag while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live, Oprah gave away a Ford Fusion Energi hybrid. She stopped her interview with Jimmy in all seriousness because she was getting “that feeling again.” 

Naturally, it’s been a while since Oprah has given a car away, so she had to get it out of her system by calling a woman in the audience down to win the free Ford

Afterwards, Oprah admitted that she felt better.

“Every once and a while this happens, especially when I skip lunch.”


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