May 102012

NBC news reporter Ben Aaron went to the Fair Lawn Senior Center to learn about love and romance, and found two amazing friends, Harvey and Eddy. The two eighty year olds are best buddies and talk with Ben about music, pop culture, and daily life. 

The video by  just went viral, and is featured on BestOfYouTube and Digg


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May 072012

The epiphany specialists and gifted animators at  conducted a very nerdy and interesting interview with Daniel H. Wilson. After talking with the NY Times bestselling author of the book Robopocalypse, they added adorable animations, making the video that much more engrossing. 

The video is featured on Reddit, TastefullyO, Devour, and VideoSift


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Apr 122012

The more Internet culture grows, the more it seeps into reality. And it’s always fun to watch the mainstream news try to explain a meme, or Internet fad. They always seem to do a terrible job. They just don’t get the Internet

The latest viral meme to hit the news is Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. His name is really Zeddie Little, and after a smiling photogenic picture on Flickr of him running in a marathon went viral on Reddit, it spread across the ‘net like wild fire.

Now ABC’s Good Morning America invited him for an awkward interview that has also gone viral. 


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Apr 092012

The best part of any quality news story is the witness’s interview at the end of the report. It seems the news picks out the most eccentric people for their interviews, and this case is no exception.

Sweet Brown woke up in her apartment to get a cold pop when she smelled fire–someone must have been BBQing, she thought. Once she realized it wasn’t burgers being cooked she said, “O Lord, Jesus, it’s a fire!” 

After recounting her daring escape, she finished with, “And then the smoke got me, I got bronchitis. Ain’t nobody got time for that!” The video is published by  and is featured on TastefullyO


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