May 182012

 In case you’ve been offline for the past year and still aren’t sure what Skrillex is,  by Vice had a bunch of adorable kids review the Dubstep musician and his top single, Bangarang. The video is featured on BuzzFeed, HuffingtonPost, and 247Comedy


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May 152012

At the end of the school year, it’s not uncommon for some students to pull playful pranks in honor of leaving. But it’s the faculty at AKF who are the pranksters in this video published by  that is going viral. The video is already featured on TNTMag, DailyPicks, and Reddit

Under the guise of interviewing students while being recorded, teachers quietly snuck behind the students, and then seriously “danced with somebody!”


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May 122012

Emmelyn Roettger was just announced as the youngest person to be accepted into the hyper-intelligent MENSA group, and was invited with her parents to tell their story on ABC’s Today show. But even though she’s apart of MENSA now, that doesn’t mean she is no longer a person, let alone a child. 

Throughout the interview she had to use the bathroom, and expressed that fact clearly, but her parents, along with Natalie Morales, ignored her, forcing her to endure the length of the interview like an adult. Natalie seems especially venomous. Read more on Jezebel and Guyism




MetaCafe video:


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May 102012

NBC news reporter Ben Aaron went to the Fair Lawn Senior Center to learn about love and romance, and found two amazing friends, Harvey and Eddy. The two eighty year olds are best buddies and talk with Ben about music, pop culture, and daily life. 

The video by  just went viral, and is featured on BestOfYouTube and Digg


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