Jul 062012

 are famous for their Kids React series, where they interview kids after showing them a piece of current pop culture. They now have a new spin-off series, Elders React, where they often get even better responses quizzing seniors on the current trends. 

Their newest video Elders React To Dubstep has been an instant hit, and is featured on BlameItOnTheVoices, Examiner, and HuffingtonPost

Naturally, after the listening segment, the elders react as any good senior citizen would, using words like “Electronic nonsense”, “dark”,  and “unidentifiable” to describe the phenomenon that is Dubstep.


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Jul 052012

 must have been a truly ingenious child, because at the tender age of twelve he had the premonition to make a video for his future self.

Similar to the serious Dear 16 Year Old Me PSA but a lot more fun, Jeremiah has a very candid conversation with his younger self from the footage he left twenty years ago that’s pretty decent for a twelve year old planning for the future. It’s a fascinating experience jumping back and forth from ’92 to 2012.


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May 252012

The Internet and the majority of America was outraged after video of pastor calling for gays to be locked behind an electric fence to ‘die off’ went viral. 

Now, Anderson Cooper invited one of the regulars from the church to ask her about the pastor’s sermon and views. Sadly, her brain capacity is so severely diminished, she has great trouble understanding Anderson, and can’t answer his questions at all. 


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May 242012

While visiting on Conan, Howie Mandel retold the hilarious story of when P-Diddy’s media company contacted him to rent his home for a video shoot. 

Mandel was shocked and surprised by the request, because he doesn’t rent out his home to anyone. After researching into the matter, Howie realized that his son had rented out his home for a Skee-Lo music video

For real. Check out the music video for Burning Up by Skee-Lo and you can see Mandel’s home. Even his son makes a short cameo. 


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May 242012

Anderson Cooper’s new show  hasn’t been doing to great in the ratings lately, but that all changed after a clip from Tuesday’s show went viral. 

Cooper had Sarah Burge as a guest, a British woman who proclaims herself the ‘human Barbie,’ and even gave her seven year old daughter vouchers for plastic surgery when she turns 18. 

After a short questioning, Anderson said, “I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about. I gotta just stop… You’re dreadful.”

The new video already has over 385,000 hits, and is covered on HuffingtonPost, Buzzfeed, and ENews




Afterwards, Anderson said, “I regret having her on.”


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