Jun 042013

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has made viral headlines for saying it like it is. It seemed after January 1 of this year, PSY and his Gangnam Style would be left in 2012. 

But after PSY again went viral with Gentleman, Billie couldn’t help but point out on Twitter that PSY “is the herpes of music. Once you think it’s gone, it comes back.”

Elaine of Fuse asked PSY about the tweet last month, but now his reaction–where he admits he’s not sure exactly what herpes is–has gone viral for a second time, amassing an additional 200,000 views over the past few days. 


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Jun 022013

Every now and then, a video from the past will appear online, giving viewers a glimpse into the past. 

Back in 2007, Chris Iller posted this video he took waay back in 1987 in the middle of the night at a 7-11 near Disney World. In the video, he and his buddies goof off in the convenience store, interviewing late night customers and just having a gay old time.

Everything about the video literally screams the 80’s, from the women’s hair-styles, to the people smoking indoors, to the Big Gulps costing only 59 cents. 


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May 312013

This video was posted online way back in 2007 by Leew63, but it has just experienced a second viral surge of viewership, garnering over half a million views just this week. 

In the video, the cameraman interviews his then three year old niece who speaks with a very classic Yorkshire accent. Viewers are simply loving the British girl’s adorable stories and anecdotes, especially how she says, ‘monkey.’


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May 282013

Japanese Blue Jays baseball player Munenori Kawasaki has become an instant viral video star over the extended weekend.

After beating the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, Munenori Kawasaki was given the opportunity to speak on camera. Kawasaki didn’t waste anytime announcing, “I am Munenori Kawasaki. I come from Japan. I am Japaneeeese!”

He then gave a short speech from a small notepad and was given a surprise Gatorade shower by his teammates. 

Now, countless copies of Munenori’s post game interview are circling the web, with the most popular version standing with over 600,000 hits


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May 272013

Made Man went viral back in April with video of celebrity guest Alison Brie imitating popular Internet memes. That month old video stands with over 875,000 views.

Their latest guest was Donald Faison, who is most famous for playing the roll of JD’s best friend Turk on the sitcom Scrubs.

As Donald played a doctor for so long, host Paul Tomkins tested his real life medical vocabulary after their extended interview in a fun Internet game to see how much stuck from all those days in the studio. 


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