Oct 162012

Dane Cook may have been the first stand up comic to take full advantage of the web back in its early days, but Louis CK is obviously the tortoise in this race. Ironically, Dane is often accused of stealing Louie’s jokes. 

So world famous skate boarder Tony Hawk of all people sat down with the comedian king of the web and asked CK about the success of his show, Cook, the web, and more, in this latest interview video to go viralviral. 


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Oct 052012

NSFW – language

To any big time producer at a hugely popular sports cable show like SportsCenter on ESPN, it probably sounds like a great idea to have an interview with such a huge and influential actor as Liam Neeson. 

But they probably should have made sure that the interviewer and the Liam were in sync at the start.

First, Laim doesn’t realize he’s on air, and then admits he doesn’t know the faintest thing about the sport while swearing a little. 

“I’ll be honest. It was only the second football game I had ever been to in my life.”

Read more about the viralviralvideo at EntertainmentWeekly, TMZ, Deadspin, and HuffPost.


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Oct 042012

If there was ever a fad or meme for  to show elders to and see how they react, it’s the South Korean sensation Gangnam Style.

Interestingly–besides for offering old people semi-racist comments–they react like almost everyone, saying they like it even though they can’t understand. 

One gentleman who enjoyed the music observed, “I don’t understand what he’s saying, but in pop music… I didn’t understand what American artist were saying either.”


Naturally, mixing the viraviral Gangnam sensation with cute old people is recipe for another meta-hit video.  


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Sep 232012

By now you are probably sick of hearing about Apple, but another video has gone viral concerning the newly release iPhone 5. YouTuber  went to one of the iPhone 5 waiting lines, and found the jack pot interviewee. 

Calling her eccentric isn’t enough, but whatever she is people love to laugh at her, causing the video to go viral in just one day. 

Some accused Rachel to be a fake plant, a simple actor. Others say she’s obviously ‘not all there,’ and it’s wrong to post her online and make fun of her. 

 The new video has over 35,000 hits, and is showcased on DailyOfTheDay, Reddit, Yababoon, and VideoSift


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Sep 122012

 is a nerdy-artsy YouTube channel that is mostly popular because of actor Rainn Wilson’s involvement with it. In their latest installment of Metaphysical Milkshake, Rainn picks up equally popular Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a personal chat about hitRECord, creativity, and sweating.

The video is featured on YouTubeTrends, NYMag, and EntertainmentWeekly


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