Jul 172013

The MLB All Star game was held yesterday at Citi, with the American League winning over National. The starting pitcher was All Star Mets pitcher Matt Harvey.

As a fun gag, Jimmy Fallon sent his Late Night crew with Matt to the streets of New York to ask sports fans what they thought about Matt Harvey.

Ironically, most baseball fans didn’t recognize him in this viral video that stands with over 1.7 million views


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Jul 152013

Remember the interracial Cheerios commercial that went viral and stirred up a storm of controversy around it? Well, the The Fine Bros showed the advert to their Kids React line up to see how children of today react to the ‘controversy.’

As expected from kids growing up in a country with a biracial president, they don’t get what all the fuss is about


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Jul 122013

A new trend of folk rock music is on the rise. And Alice Cooper doesn’t like it as he recently told Fuse.

He doesn’t necessarily have a problem with bands like The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, it’s just that he doesn’t consider them rock and roll.

He goes so far to say that they are offensive to rock and roll. 


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Jul 022013

Two years ago, a viral art concept surfaced where a cameraman simply asked passersby what music they were listening to in the heart of a busy city, such as Manhattan and London

Now, years later, the concept has seemingly resurfaced after Adam Kolodziejczak and AdaHtje were inspired to make their own version of the musical interview in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The new video has since gone viral over the weekend, and has garnered over half a million views


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Jun 272013

Jimmy Kimmel Live has an ongoing series where his team interviews passersby on Hollywood Blvd, asking them questions concerning made up events. 

This time, Jimmy sent his crew to ask dedicated Justin Bieber fans what they thought about the teen pop star peeing on the American flag, driving on tires made of baby seal skin, and even being illiterate–all lies of course. 

As expected, the girls can find no faults in their idol, claiming Justin is perfect the way he is, literate or not. 


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