Feb 202013

There are literally countless famous interview viral videos online. Some are old classics, and others are new, but they all have millions of views and bring smiles to viewers’ faces. 

So you don’t have to sift through YouTube for hors, Funny Local News has compiled all the best and most viral news interviews into this single super cut


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Feb 062013

After the big game, Beyonce was asked about her halftime show performance and the lights going out temporarily during the game by Extra.

The interviewer commented to Beyonce, “They said the halftime show was so hot, the power went out.” Beyonce mustered her inner Internet meme powers and replied in the words of the great Miss Sweet Brown, “Lord Jesus, it’s a fire.”

(Ain’t nobody got time for that!)


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Jan 312013

Jimmy Kimmel‘s new Lie Witness News series has proven to be a viral video winner online with viewers. The recipe is simple. No matter the pop culture event, Jimmy will often send a camera crew to Hollywood Blvd to ask passersby about the event. That didn’t happen yet.  

Of course, Jimmy just had to send his crew out to ask people what they thought about the Superbowl outcome. That won’t exist until this upcoming Sunday night.

Nevertheless, people are no good, dirty liars who insist on answering questions that they could never know the answers to. Especially when a camera and microphone is involved.


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Jan 212013

Remember the World’s Best Sign Flipper who went viralviral last week with the help from robo-dancer Nonstop

Well, Ellen, one of TV‘s biggest fans of the Inter-webs, has caught wind of the awesome dance video that now stands with over 5.5 million views.

Of course, she had to invite the duo to perform on her show, and of course, the subsequent video has gone viral in its own right. 


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Jan 132013

Last week, Al Roker made second page news that quickly went viralviral after he admitted to pooping his pants at the White House during an interview. 

Quickly, remix artist Andrew Frederick got on the story and already launched this hilarious auto-tune remix of the interview. Since its debut before the weekend, the remix video has already garnered over 90,000 views, and is further featured on DeathAndTaxes, BuzzFeed, Mashable, UpRoxx, and Vulture


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