Oct 042015
Robert De Niro Is Impressed By Tom Hiddleston’s Impression Of Him

There are many celebrities who are favored by impressionists. These are the actors and actresses who stand out from the crowd for their unique accents and look. Robert De Niro might be one of the most famous actors in Hollywood for his iconic voice and demeanor. While visiting The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hiddleston impressed the guests and Robert himself with his official Robert De Niro impression. This clip has instantly gone viral with fans ofTom and Robert alike. 


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Oct 012015
Hillary Supporters Actually Like Donald Trump’s Tax Plan

Love him or hate him, it seems the media can’t get enough of the Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump. Naturally, most Democrats and supporters of Hillary Clinton loathe ‘The Donald.’ To show that there are fools on all sides of the aisle, Jimmy Kimmel had his camera crew find Hillary supporters and trick them into admitting they support Trump’s tax plans. Oops. 


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Sep 122015
Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror

These days, you can’t really expect to be a successful politician if you can’t laugh at yourself. Republican presidential front runner and famous reality TV show billionaire Donald Trump has been a media favorite recently as he is constantly saying controversial things without remorse. As he was invited onto The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had some fun with The Donald by having him interview himself in the mirror


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Sep 082015
Late Night Talk Show Hosts Give Advice To Stephen Colbert

It wasn’t that long ago when Stephen Colbert was a pretty obscure name in show business, known only to younger viewers who were fans of John Stewart. But now he is taking over The Late Show from Dave Letterman. To prepare the relatively new host for his new show, Vanity Fair invited veteran hosts, such as Conan O’Brien, to give Colbert some advice


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Sep 032015
College Sweethearts Discuss Their Relationship After Breaking Up

Like so many people, Ali and Andrew began dating in college and quickly became a couple. They dated for seven years after that, but then broke up. That was two years ago. Somehow, Glamour Magazine convinced the two to come into their studio and discuss their failed relationship in front of the Internet. This video has gone viral with over 6 million hits!


Part 2:


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