Apr 072014
I’m A Textpert Rap Music Video

In this new day and age of technology you really have to stay on top of all the new lingo. 

Popular YouTube comedy musicians Rhett & Link star in this new hilarious rap music video about being a Textpert

What’s a Textpert? A texting expert of course! Get with it!


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Apr 072014
Game Of Thrones Social Network Intro

The folks at the social network optimizing company Hoot Suite are huge fans of HBO’s popular show Game of Thrones.

In honor of the fourth season of the fantasy show, they created this parody of the legendary Game of Thrones intro integrated with famous social networking sites, like Twitter and Instagram. 


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Apr 032014
Emoji Game Of Thrones

What if you had to retell the entire third season of Game of Thrones via text message on your smartphone? 

It might look something like this adorable Game of Phones video by Cara Rose DeFabio. Somehow, she managed to recap the entire story using only emojicons, and has gone viral with over a quarter million views so far. 


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Apr 022014
What If Life Were A Video

What if life was a video? What if you could fast forward through boring conversations at work to get to lunch quicker? Or add background music while on a date?

The struggle of being understood would be over. If you said something stupid you could simply rewind and try again!

That’s exactly the fantasy Ashley Mardell, aka YouTuber HeyThere005, imagines and discusses in this trending video


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