Feb 182014
Logan Paul Vine Compilation Part 2

These days, you really have to pack a lot into 7 seconds to become a popular Vine creator. And that’s exactly what Vine user Logan Paul specializes in. 

After his first Vine compilation on his Official channel garnered over 6 million views, he has returned with a second montage of hilarious, nonstop 7 second bursts of comedy. 


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Feb 172014
RealLifeStarter Helps Adult Children To Get A Job And A Life

Over 20 million young adults are living at home. That makes for a lot of unhappy young people, but even unhappier parents.

Thankfully, Above Average has introduced a great new online product to help parents kick start their kids’ lives, appropriately called RealLifeStarter.


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Feb 162014
Social Media Stalker Prank

Online prankster Jack Vale went viral back in November after scaring strangers with their personal information he found on social media sites, such as Twitter. 

Now, Jack has returned to the beach to again stalk strangers who publish their personal information on public profiles on sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

The prank victims were really confused. 

Make sure to properly set your privacy setting people. 


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