Feb 042014
Cat Stars In Adorable University Of Lethbridge Commercial

The marketing team at University of Lethbridge sure knows how to speak to this new generation.  

To promote the Alberta school and a contest to win tickets to have dinner with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, the school commissioned this viral, Internet approved commercial starring a cat.



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Feb 042014
What Does The Fox Actually Say

Thanks to Norwegian comedy group Ylvis, the Internet world has been wondering one very important question: what exactly does the fox say? Or at least what noise do they make?

Thankfully, Hank Green of Sci Show has stepped forward to clear up the issue. The fox actually says a lot of different weird sounds and noises. 


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Jan 312014
South Korean ‘Watch Me Eat’ Online Trend Will Have You Asking WTF

There are a lot of outrageous online memes and trends on the Western Web, but South Korea may have us beat. 

Reuters reports there is a new trend in South Korea where girls post videos of themselves gorging on feasts. Some girls have quit their jobs as they make more money posting ‘watch me eat’ videos which are viewed by thousands who say they enjoy the company while eating alone. 

“Some say it makes eating alone less awkward.”

This new report has gone viral with over 450,000 hits!


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Jan 312014
Jimmy Kimmel And Alison Brie Romantically Read Craigslist Missed Connections

The Missed Connections section on Craigslist is an Internet gold mine of crazy, romantic, and wtf stories and posts. 

Jimmy Kimmel decided to read a couple real Missed Connections posts with his guest Alison Brie with a romantic saxophone playing in the background. 

It’s time for lovin’. 


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