Nov 202013
Ram Screams Like Person

Online viewers will remember the strange meme of goats screaming like humans that took the web by storm at the start of this year. 

Like any good meme, it has recently resurfaced with a twist. 

This video by Animal Area has gone viral, and features a ram screaming like a human

Yes, WTF indeed. 


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Nov 182013
Bob Ross VS Picasso Epic Rap Battles Of History

Popular rap show Epic Rap Battles of History has finally returned with another rap-tastic episode!

This time, they pin the Internet’s favorite chilled painter, Bob Ross, against the historic and melancholy Pablo Picasso.


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Nov 182013
Scaring Strangers Using Their Personal Social Media Information Prank

People are obviously too lax with their social media. And it’s not just teenagers who aren’t safe online. 

Sure, it may feel good to tweet and Instragram your lunch and birthday plans, but now the whole world knows.

To demonstrate how dangerous social media can be, prankster Jack Vale used a Twitter app at the boardwalk to check out people’s tweets in his immediate area and freaked them out a bit

After checking their names and pictures, he casually walked up to complete strangers, and greeted them by their first name as if he knew them. He even asked personal questions, and wished some people happy birthday. 

Naturally, they were all freaked out.

Let this be a lesson to you.  


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Nov 152013
Things Kids Do That’d Be Creepy If An Adult Did Them

BuzzFeed Video continues their popular hypothetical creepy series. 

They last went viral with their humorous Things You Say To Dogs That’d Be Creepy If You Said To People video, and their Things You Do Online That’d Be Creepy In Real Life video. 

Together, those two videos have amassed over 6.5 million views!

Now, BF imagines how creepy it would be if adults did things kids commonly do, such as asking inappropriate questions at the office, or making noises in public. 


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Nov 152013
Reverse Pickpocketing Magic Prank

Prominent magician, prankster, and uplifter Stuart Edge is at it again. 

As money is almost always tight for the average college student, Stuart and his buddy Miles decided to give back. Literally. 

Instead of swiping someone’s stuff in one of his magic tricks, he used misdirection to literally slip some cash into a few lucky students’ pockets!

This is the reverse pick pocket trick!


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