Feb 092014
Darth Vader’s Facebook Look Back Film Parody

It seems the ubiquitous Look Back short films peppering Facebook are the newest meme to parody online.

A spoof of Walter White’s Look Back has already gone viral. 

Joshua Dill has made this nerd-tastic parody of what Darth Vader’s Look Back film would look like if Facebook was available on the Imperial network.


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Feb 092014
Walter White Facebook Look Back Movie

By now, most users are tired of the nostalgic Facebook Look Back videos that litter their Newfeeds.

But Breaking Bad fans are loving this parody Look Back video by Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues that shows what Walter White’s Look Back would look like if he had a Facebook account. 

The video has garnered over 350,000 hits over the weekend. 


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Feb 072014
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Part 6

Will Jimmy Kimmel‘s popular Mean Tweets series ever get old? 

Apparently not.

This is his sixth episode in the favorite set in which he enlists famous Hollywood faces to read mean Tweets about themselves with sad music playing in the background. 


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Feb 062014
An Honest Facebook Look Back Movie

Facebook has launched a Look Back program for their users in honor of their 10th birthday. With a click of the mouse, Facebook will automatically make a touching short film covering your Facebook ‘life,’ covering your most important posts and pictures. 

The problem is, a lot users have noticed the algorithm isn’t all that great, or maybe their Facebook careers are just lame, because all that shows up are terrible pictures and annoying groups. 

That prompted Tripp and Tyler to make a much more Honest Facebook Look Back Movie.


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Feb 062014
Birth Of Man Minecraft Film Trailer

These days, fanatics no longer need the big studios to make their dreams a reality.

Action-gamer channel Rocket Jump has just debuted this new trailer for their hopeful project, Birth Of Man

The movie–if enough funds are raised on their KickStarter–will be a hybrid of live action characters in the Minecraft world. 

How can the Web refuse?


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