Jun 022014
Today Was A Good Day On The Internet Rap Song

The Internet is its own reality where dog memes, social networks, cats, and video games rule. It’s rare that everything online goes your way though. There’s always a jerk who downvotes your posts or teabags you after you’re KOed. But if everything goes your way on the Internet? Well then that was a good day. Animation Domination sings Today Was A Good Day On The Internet based on Ice Cube’s 1992 hit song. 


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Jun 012014
Teens React To 90′s Internet

The Internet has really grown up since its infant days in the 1990’s. Back then, only the techies and nerds used the Web. Today, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and Twitter have become standard applications for the entire world. The young people of today just don’t know how good they have it. Super fast speeds, instant Flash video, and social networking were all science fiction back in the 90’s. 

So how would the teens of today react to the Web of the 1990’s? The Fine Brothers wanted to find out, so they showed their group of teens promotional videos for the Internet from the 90’s to see how they react


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May 292014
YouTube Birthday Karaoke Night

It’s crazy to think about, but YouTube has been around for nine long years. To celebrate nine great years, YouTube Spotlight put on a little birthday karaoke party. Famous YouTubers and others sing karaoke versions of popular YouTube music videos, memes, and more. Viewers will recognize Chocolate Rain, Call Me Maybe, Trololo, and other viral tunes!


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May 232014
Keyboard Cat Returns Playing ’96 Tears’

Remember the 2007 meme hit Keyboard Cat? The original Keyboard Cat video from 2007 stands with over 35 million views! Now, KBC has returned playing the Question Mark & The Mysterians’s classic hit 96 Tears. Will this meme ever be put to rest? Apparently not. 


Via Gawker.

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