Jan 282014
The Secrets To Buzzfeed’s Success

Even those who hate BuzzFeed often find themselves reading some list the popular site created that matches their interests. 

That’s their secret formula to Internet success.

Lists. Lots and lots of them!

Nacho Punch explains the secret sauce to BuzzFeed’s success in this spoof list video, 21 Secrets to Buzzfeed’s Success


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Jan 222014
Dove Short Film ‘Selfie’ Redefines Beauty And Will Make Smile

We live in a new age of hyper-media and connectedness. One side effect of this new world is that we often negatively judge ourselves against others.

It’s just so easy to fall into the habit of self-deprecation when constantly barraged by images of impossibly beautiful people in movies, social media, and magazines.

Dove worked with filmmaker Cynthia Wade and producer Sharon Liese to work with and document a group of high school girls as they work to redefine beauty through the now ubiquitous selfie.


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Jan 222014
Firefighter Uses Google Glass For Faster, Safer Rescues

Google Glass seemed a bit gimmicky at first, but the power and potential of Glass is only being realized.

For example, Google Glass is revolutionizing the way firefighters battle fires and rescue the infirm, spearheaded by North Carolina firefighter and developer Patrick Jackson.

Now, building floor plans, hydrant locations, and car diagrams are just a phrase away.


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Jan 212014
Vsauce Parody

Michael of VSauce is one of YouTube’s most popular eccentric educators. His videos are easily recognizable to any regular viewer for their one of a kind style and atmosphere.

Jack’s Films made this humorous VSauce tribute that pokes fun at Michael’s editing habits and routine while still honoring his show.


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Jan 172014
This Compilation Of A Young Woman’s Tweets Before She Passing Will Break Your Heart, But Also Inspire You

Shannon McKarney never even met Amanda, aka @TrappedAtMyDesk, but she was inspired to share her Twitter story.

Amanda was like any Twitter user at first, posting tweets about life, work, and family.

But her tweets turn melancholic after she learned she had Glioblastoma Multiforme, a vicious form of brain cancer.

She quickly began to look for the meaning of life.

She traveled to South America. She called her mom who she hadn’t spoken to in years.

“Don’t spend time being angry at people. Forgive them. Life is entirely too short,” she tweeted five days before leaving our world.

What does Shannon want you to take from this touching heart-breaker?

“My challenge to you for 2014: Look at what you’ve left behind. What is your legacy?” 


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