Dec 172013
Google Blackmail Commercial

At first, Google Plus was super cool and exclusive as you could only sign up with a personal invite. But quickly, the hype died down. Google had yet another dying social network on their hands. 

So recently, they’ve force Google Plus on users by integrating the network with YouTube, and the community revolted.

Now, Google is done playing games. Either use Google+, or Google is going to blackmail you.

As CollegeHumor explains, they know all our secrets. 


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Dec 162013
Merry Christmas Exclamation Point Music Video

Christmas is for friends and family. But what about all those office coworkers and acquaintances we see on a daily basis?

Musical comedian Jon Lajoie explains what nearly everyone gives them in this humorous song. They send a Christmas text.

They might even punctuate with an exclamation point. 

Merry Christmas!


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Dec 122013
Conan, Ice Cube, And Kevin Hart Share A Lyft Ride


Lyft is a popular ride sharing app that people are flocking to in lieu of taking an expensive cab.  

For one of his hilarious off set skits, Conan decided to hail a Lyft ride with his guests stars, Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart. 

The driver was shocked, but naturally played along with their ridiculous antics as they drove around town, picked up ‘drinks’ and even hit up Wendy’s. 


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Dec 122013
It’s Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas Music Video

Purina Friskies sure knows how to connect with cat people online. 

In honor of the holidays, they enlisted the help of Internet celebrity cats, such as Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Oskar the Blind Cat, Nala Cat, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat, to star in this humorous Christmas music video, Hard To Be a Cat at Christmas

“For every view, up to 500,000 views, Friskies will donate one can of wet cat food to shelter and rescue organizations across the country. Share with all your friends and help make a cat’s holiday wish come true.”


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Dec 112013
YouTube Rewind 2013 Wrap Up

The end of 2013 is upon us.

Countless wrap up videos have already been posted online, but few can compete with the viral video authority of YouTube themselves. 

As they did last yearYouTube Spotlight gathered all of the most iconic and viral people and memes from the past year, and crammed them all into this highly entertaining 2013 viral video rewind wrap up

Viewers will recognize the faces and sounds of Kid President, PSY, Convos With 2 Year Old‎, What The Fox Say, Macklemore, DeStorm‎, Harlem ShakeRhett and Link‎, Blurred Lines, PrancerciseRahat‎, Jimmy Kimmel, Cookie Monster, The Slowmo Guys, and many more!


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