Jan 022014
Too Long, Didn’t Read Song On Record

“Too long, didn’t read,” is a common Internet comment made when an article, story, or post is… too long and the commenter didn’t have the patients to read it. 

So YouTuber Valtronification just had to post this video of an old record he found while sifting through an old stack of a classic song that sang “too long, didn’t read” over and over to the tune of Amazing Grace

It’s actually quite catchy. 

It’s no shock the video has instantly gone viral!


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Jan 012014
2013 In 4 Minutes Recap Mash Up

Last year, filmmaker Ryan James Yezak recapped 2012 with his eye-popping 2012 in 4 minutes mash up. That wrap up video quickly went viral with over 4.9 million views.

Thankfully, he has returned to close 2013 with this epic 2013 In 4 Minutes video that will have you missing last year. 

Until next year…


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Dec 312013
Teens React To YouTube Rewind

This Teens React episode from the The Fine Brothers has gone especially viral with over 1.3 million views already.

As per the show’s usual formula, Rafi and Benny show a group of teens YouTube’s 2013 rewind video, which has over 71 million hits, and ask for their reactions. 


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