Feb 252014
If The Beatles Became Famous During The Social Media Age

The Beatles were ahead of their time when they became world famous in the 1960’s.

But what if they were around during the social media age?

Jimmy Fallon demonstrates in this skit how the popular British rock group might have ended their shows if the Internet was around.  

Actually, it’s probably for the better that Instagram and hashtags weren’t a thing back then…


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Feb 212014
Google Reveals Project Tango

Google has only started taking over the world. 

After taking on ambitious projects such as Google Fiber and Glass, the world’s most famous search company has now unveiled Project Tango.

Johnny Lee of Google Advanced Technology And Projects is leading his team to give mobile phones a better grasp of our 3d world. 

The purpose is to allow users to interact with their environment using their phones on a deeper, higher level that was only dreamed of in science fiction a few years ago. 


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Feb 212014
Mary Louise Parker Guest Stars On My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart of the YouTube show My Drunk Kitchen has grown into a well known online personality over the years.

Her channel has over one million dedicated fans, and now she has just hosted a real big time celebrity. 

Mary Louise Parker of Weeds fame guest starred on Hannah’s most recent episode to raise awareness for Hope North.

Appropriately, the two bake brownies together. Get it? Ya, you get it.  


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Feb 202014
Jimmy Fallon And Jonah Hill Talk In Hashtags

Hashtags are still a thing.

Remember when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake took hashtags to the next level by talking in real life with hashtags on Late Night?

They demonstrated just how ridiculous this trend really is.

By the way, that viral video stands with over 21 million views!

Now, Jimmy Fallon decided to bring the sketch back on The Tonight Show by talking in hashtags with his guest Jonah Hill


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