Jan 012014
2013 In 4 Minutes Recap Mash Up

Last year, filmmaker Ryan James Yezak recapped 2012 with his eye-popping 2012 in 4 minutes mash up. That wrap up video quickly went viral with over 4.9 million views.

Thankfully, he has returned to close 2013 with this epic 2013 In 4 Minutes video that will have you missing last year. 

Until next year…


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Dec 312013
Teens React To YouTube Rewind

This Teens React episode from the The Fine Brothers has gone especially viral with over 1.3 million views already.

As per the show’s usual formula, Rafi and Benny show a group of teens YouTube’s 2013 rewind video, which has over 71 million hits, and ask for their reactions. 


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Dec 312013
Eric Schmidt’s 2014 Predictions

This short Bloomberg interview with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is unsurprisingly going viral.

Even people uninterested in business and finance knows who Schmidt is and are interested in what he thinks the next year holds for the Internet and the world. 

As most already know, he explains that “mobile was winning, it’s now won” over personal computers, and that trend will only continue.

Also, he foresees that big data and machines will continue to merge which makes sense as Google has just purchased Boston Dynamics


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Dec 292013
Lizzy Caplan Imitates Rage Faces

Rage Faces have lost their initial appeal, but it seems the cartoon emotion portrayals are here to stay. 

While hosting Mean Girls actress Lizzy Caplan, Paul Tompkins of Made Man played a fun Internet game with his guest in which he asked her to imitate popular Rage Faces to the best of her ability. 

She actually does a great job in this video featured by DailyDot and Jezebel


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Dec 232013
Canadian Teen Who Went Viral Covering Elvis Performs On Ellen

 Two weeks, ago French-Canadian teenager David Thibault exploded online with his amazing Elvis cover he performed on the radio in Canada. 

Naturally, Ellen DeGeneres, the unofficial queen of viral videos, just had to have him on her show and have him perform.

The King lives! 


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