Mar 032015
Unskippable Geico Commercial Is Genius

Insurance company GEICO has been famous for decades now for their unique and creative commercials. They have hit another home run with this latest online ad. Many ads on YouTube and other video services give you the chance to skip it after five seconds.

But this commercial is so short, it’s over before you have the chance to even skip it. The rest of the video simply shows a family frozen at the dinner table as the family dog eats their food. 


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Mar 032015
Prankster Messes With Online ‘Virus Cleaning’ Scammer

Have you ever accidentally misspelled a popular website and an error page popped up telling you to call a phone number to fix the problem. No, you don’t have a virus, but these scam companies want you to think you do so you call them and they can charge for nothing.

Jack Vale is really sick of these companies, so when he had a pop-up he called the company and really messed with the technician


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Feb 282015
Science Explains What Color Is The Dress

For two days, the Internet has become obsessed with the color of a dress. The picture went viral on Tumblr, and subsequently all over the Web, as people have two very different reactions. Some immediately see the dress as black and blue. Other see it as white and gold. 

Thankfully, the nerds at AsapScience explain the science behind this viral optical illusion in this instant viral video which has over 5 million views already!

What color do you see?


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Feb 242015
YouTube’s 10th Anniversary Viral Video Mash Up

Back when YouTube was brand new, it was easy to keep track of the viral videos. It was a big deal to go viral back then. With just a few hundred thousand hits you were in an elite group of videos. Today, videos go viral with millions of hits every single day.

To celebrate YouTube’s tenth anniversary, mash up artist and videographer Luc Bergeron made this epic mash up of nearly 200 famous and iconic viral videos all packed into 200 seconds.  


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Feb 232015
101 Of The Best YouTube Viral Videos From The Past 10 Years

It’s seems like it was just yesterday that YouTube became a household name. Incredibly, this month marks the tenth anniversary for the world’s most popular video sharing site. In honor of ten fantastic years of entertainment, The Daily Conversation created this epic compilation of 101 iconic and famous viral videos from the past decade. Did your favorite make the list?


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