Mar 012014
Why Trust Is Worth It

Popular online personality Ze Frank has a powerful conversation with himself about trusting others in this new video made in collaboration with world famous acrobatic group Cirque du Soleil.

Acrobats Alya Titarenko and Gael Ouisse perform beautiful and inconceivable athletic feats while Frank discusses the strength there is in letting go and giving in to trust.

“Trust is like a fork. Not one way, many ways. Physical, emotional, maybe something else.”

Who do you trust?


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Feb 282014
The Reason Why This 64 Year Old Man Walks Across America Will Make You Misty Eyed

 brings this human interest story by Cyrus Sutton about Steve Fugate

After losing both his son and his daughter at the age of 50 years old, Steve left his successful car businesses behind to walk across America to raise awareness for depression and remind people to be happy. 

Now he’s 64 and has walked over 34,000 miles. He hauls a small cart of his belongings across the highway that holds up a sign that reads “LOVE LIFE.”

“I’m driven by not wanting others to go through pain. Not wanting other young people do what my little boy did. Not wanting other parents to go through the horror I went through. I’m motivated, man, I’m driven.”

He calls what he does “Trail Therapy.” 

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Feb 262014
Kind Elderly Woman Gets A Huge Surprise From Nearby School

Everyday, Tinney Davidson waves towards the school children who walk to and from the nearby school. She doesn’t miss a day. 

What may seem like a simple, small gesture means a lot more to the school kids. 

On Valentine’s Day, Tinney was invited to the school to receive an overwhelming thank you surprise.


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Feb 172014
A Boy and His Dog Short Film Will Melt Your Heart

The University of Hertfordshire put together this touching short film, titled A Boy And His Dog, that has gone viral with over half a million views.

The heartwarming video showcases seven year old Owen Howkins who has an extremely rare and painful disease called Schwartz-Jamel syndrome.

Owen gets through the painful days with the help of his three legged dog Haatchi. The bond the two share is powerful. 

“The film won the ITV Award for Documentary at Visions Festival 2013, and has been nominated for a RTS Student Award, and shortlisted for Screentest Fest Award for Documentary.”


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Feb 152014
Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay During Human Rights Campaign Speech

Actress Ellen Page has made instant headlines after this speech at the Human Rights Campaign‘s Time to Thrive Conference hit the web. 

Besides for offering support and hope for the Human Rights Campaign, the popular actress came out as gay. 


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