Dec 102015
Severely Obese Man Loses Hundreds Of Pounds With Yoga

A year and a half ago, Jared was finally sick and tired of his life. He was always fat, but after gaining more and more weight his entire life, he weighed over 500 lbs at his 40th birthday. He was finally ready to do something about it. 

Now, after a 18 months of hard work, Jared has lost an incredible amount of weight, over 300 lbs, thanks to Diamond Dallas Page Yoga. Thin Jared reading the blog post he wrote on the first day of his incredible journey is sure to inspire you. 


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Dec 032015
Church Gives Pizza Delivery Guy Giant $700 Tip

Jeff Louis has been going through some pretty hard times recently, but he has pushed himself to work hard and get clean. It goes without saying that most pizza delivery boys and girls aren’t that well off, and that includes Jeff. But last week, he was asked by his work to come in early for a special delivery. What happened after he delivered the pizzas to a random church later had him in tears. Now, this positive video has gone viral with over 400,00 hits!


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Nov 212015
Stranger Gives Homeless Man Lunch Everyday

MrKhalidmax was at the gas station and saw a homeless man asking for change. Sadly, it’s a sight too many of us are used to seeing these days. Most of us just continue on with our lives. A few of us might actually stop and give the less fortunate change. But Max decided to go further. So he bought the man lunch, and made plans to meet him everyday to make sure he gets at least one meal a day. This positive video has gone viral with over 350,000 views!


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Nov 172015
The Way French Dad Explains Good And Bad After Paris Terror Attacks Will Make You Hopeful

The world is still struggling to come to terms with the horrifying terror attacks that struck Paris last Friday. Children have an especially difficult time understanding such sad and scary events. But one dad has the Internet grinning after he explained to his son how we can ‘beat the bad guys.’ 

France magazine Le Petit Journal captured this exchange which has instantly gone viral. Dad of the year right here folks. 


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Nov 162015
Ultimate Inspirational Movie Coach Super Speech

There’s nothing like an inspirational speech to make your sports movie a total cliche. Every classic sports movie features at least one inspiring speech made by the coach at the end of the film before the heroes finally win the big game. Burger Fiction packed nearly every inspiring coach speech they could find in Hollywood into this single speech super cut


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