Oct 012015
Russian Man Rescues Dog Buried Under Sidewalk

Apparently a hole in the sidewalk was left open for a few weeks in Voronezh, Russia. During that time, a pregnant dog figured it would make for a good den for her future puppies. Horrifyingly, when the workers finally came to fix the hole they didn’t realize, or worse, didn’t care, that the dog was there. Luckily, a man who the Internet believes might be the owner of the dog heard whimpering and, after being turned down by the workers, decided to free the dog himself. The Internet has found a new hero. This touching clip from Russia has instantly gone viral with over 4 million hits!


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Sep 092015
Old Man Greeting His Wife At The Airport Will Melt Your Heart

The Internet usually has a cold heart of ice, but this touching candid video taken at the airport has viewers becoming emotional. While waiting at the airport, an anonymous person secretly recorded an old man waiting with a bouquet of flowers. Finally, his wife showed up and the two had an emotional reunion. Aww. This clip has instantly gone viral with over one million views!


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Sep 082015
Surprise Ballroom Dancing In Manhattan Crosswalk Prank

The street crosswalks in Manhattan are arguably the busiest in America, and one of the most congested in the world. That gave Improv Everywhere a great idea for their latest gag. They had apparent strangers ‘accidentally’ bump into each other in a large crowd while walking across a busy street, and instead of simply going about their business, they burst into a very quick ballroom dance


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Aug 242015
Girl Gets Pink Prosthetic Arm

Now that 3D printing has dropped so considerably over the past couple years, more and more nerds and engineers are affordably creating products that would cost tens of thousands of dollars just a few years ago. For children missing a hand or arm, a prosthetic was especially expensive because they would often outgrow the device in a short time. But using new technology, Stephen Davies helped build Isabella a prosthetic arm that not only was cost-effective, but allowed her to easily grab things. And it’s super cute!


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Jul 082015
Priest Shocks Wedding Guests Singing Gorgeous Performance Of Hallelujah

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is one of the most famous religious songs out there. But you really have to have the voice to do the song justice. During a wedding in a church, the priest shocked the wedding guests and the bride and groom with his beautiful rendition of the inspirational song. Now, this year old video is going viral now. 


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