Feb 052016
Spider In Bagged Salad Is The Stuff From Nightmares

Most of us will opt for a bagged salad mix when trying to eat healthy. It’s just so much more convenient than chopping, washing, and putting together a salad on your own. But this video might make you feel a little bit different. 

James Perry was about to have a salad from lunch when he noticed a spider in the bag. And not just a tiny one, but a giant one. Shiver!


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Nov 022015
The Way Ants Act Solid-Like And Liquid-Like Will Blow Your Mind

Ants have fascinated scientists for years. Some even say Superman’s super strength was inspired by ants as they are able to support 5,000 times their own body weight. Now, students and professors at Georgia Tech have discovered how ants in a group are able to act like a solid or a liquid. Mind blown!


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Sep 042015
Ants Mysterious Circle Ringing iPhone

This strange short clip demonstrates the invisible power of our smartphones. In the video, a large group of tiny ants can be seen randomly running around an iPhone. But the second the phone rings the ants mysteriously begin to circle the device counterclockwise. Many speculate the electromagnetic radiation affects the ants causing them to circle phone. 


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Sep 022015
Big Flying Bug Scares Reporter

Have you ever been scared by a flying bug only for your friends to laugh at you? Well imagine how much worse you would feel if thousands of viewers watched you freak out over a flying bug because you were live on the air? FOX 5 San Diego weather reporter Brad Wills was by the beach reporting on the warm weather when a giant bug flew right at his face. Naturally, he ‘bugged out’ a bit only for his fellow news crew to giggle at him


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Aug 202015
How To Fix A Broken Butterfly Wing

Of all the bugs out there, butterflies are probably the most popular. They don’t sting or bite, they don’t smell, and they look pretty as they flutter in the wind. Nature guru Livemonarch loves butterflies so much, he actually performs surgery on them when they damage a wing. In this older clip which is trending now more than ever, he demonstrates how to do just that.


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