Jan 052014
Yelling At A Spider

This ridiculous video by The Khattori was posted in 2010, and went viral in 2012, but has again resurfaced over the weekend with over 400,000 new views

 The star of the video demonstrates what he accordingly calls Spider Yelling. Strangely, screaming at a large arachnid offers interesting results. 


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Dec 302013
Brave Aussie Demonstrates How To Remove A Giant Spider

Australian YouTuber Durianriders demonstrates how to remove a giant spider after discovering one on his shoulder. 

Instead of freaking out and smacking the enormous arthropod, he calmly walked outside and brushed up by a tree to coax the creepy bug off of him.

Instead, the spider walked up his neck

Still, he remained poised until the spider fully disembarked.

“That my friends is how to remove a spider. Cool, calm, collected.”



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Dec 132013
Father Of Son Attacked By Bees: ‘Better Him Than Me’

This clip from Australia’s Today Show YouTube channel Waking up with Karl Stefanovic was posted online back in November, but it has only exploded now, quickly amassing over 850,000 hits!

While interviewing a son who was swarmed by bees, Karl Stefanovic asked the boy’s father how awful it must have been to witness such an attack on his child. 

Gary could only answer, “It was a bit disturbing, but better him than me.”


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Dec 122013
Anthill Art Created By Pouring Molten Metal Down Anthill

Anthill Art has just gone viral with their only video from three weeks ago. The artist made an amazing sculpture by pouring molten aluminum down the hole of a fire anthill. 

After the metal hardened, he cut out the colony, and washed away the dirt to reveal an amazing 3D spectacle. 

The video has already amassed over 450,000 views, though many viewers aren’t pleased with the ant killing technique.  


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Dec 032013
The Mosquito Explained Animation

The mosquito is no doubt one of the most annoying and hated insects across the world. The buzzing, the biting, it’s infuriating! 

Rose Eveleth explains in this animation by TED-Ed how the mosquito has co-evolved with us over the centuries, and how scientists aren’t sure if it would be wise to rid the world of the pesky blood sucker. 


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