Dec 032013
Aziz Ansari’s Saris Holiday Commercial

Looking for a great holiday gift for that special someone but can’t find anything unique that sticks out from the crowd?

How about the Aziz Ansari sari

That’s right! Give the gift of a traditional Indian robe with Aziz’s face plastered all over it. 

While being hosted by Conan, Aziz touted his sari in this hilarious, pun-packed mock commercial

Too bad this isn’t in stores. Yet…


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Dec 052012

This older video has recently resurfaced, and has been featured on popular sites, like DailyPicks and TastefullyO.

In America, we ingeniously still haven’t straightened the mix up of naming the original Native Americans as Indians. 

Now, whenever Americans refer to an actual Indian, we often say ‘Indian man,’ or ‘man from India’ to make it clear we are not referring to a Native American. 

So now that that’s out of the way, here’s an actual Indian–from the country of India–performing spot-on farm animal sound impersonations.



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Nov 062012

LT’s leg was crushed in a car accident, and sadly after infection set in, lost his leg. He can’t work and has to survive on an $800 disability check from the government. Being in such a dire situation, he never thought he would be the star of his own rags to riches story.

One night while watching Antique Roadshow, he saw the amazing story of a Navajo chief blanket that was worth a small fortune. LT had a blanket just like the one he saw on TV, and couldn’t help but thinking, “What if?”

He was inspired to have his blanket appraised, and let’s just say, got the happy ending he deserved. 


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Aug 102012

This outrageous dance video published by  last year has started to trend again now. 

Two very white guys dance to the popular Indian song Tunak Tunak Tun byDaler Mehndi after a day at the beach. Why the video is popular is obvious upon viewing. 

This ain’t your average dance music video. The best part is when they ‘sing’ along.


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May 092012

British news channel  brings us this report from India on what in America and the rest of the Western world would be shocking. 

As a coming of age ritual in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Hindu priests drop babies from the temple balcony down to a crowd with a catching blanket. Apparently, the belief is the ritual will make them grow stronger. 


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