Feb 182014
What Do Indian Headshakes Mean

Nodding your head is a universal signal for ‘yes’ while shaking your head is always understood as ‘no.’

But in India, there are countless more headshakes. What do they all mean?

Thankfully, Meen Fried Chiken Curry has stepped forward to explain all the different Indian headshakes. 

A must see before your trip to New Delhi. 


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Feb 172014
Dancing Boy From India’s Got Talent Performs On Ellen

Remember the chubby boy who exploded online after appearing on India’s Got Talent?

Ellen got wind of the viral video, and invited Akshat onto her show to perform his dancing magic

His moves are better than ever!


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Jan 222014
Eight Year Old Boy Dancer Steals The Show On India’s Got Talent

This clip featuring eight year Akshat Singh on India’s Got Talent has gone viral with millions of views after being reuploaded to YouTube. 

Akshat instantly had the judges smiling and the crowd cheering with his epic dance, including flips, break dancing, and splits.


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Jan 212014
Story How Man Enters Spice Business Could Be Its Own TV Show

To promote his new spice business, The Reluctant Trading Experiment, Scott Eirinberg commissioned this video telling the story how a regular, suburban living man ended up in the spice business.

Somehow, he made a story about pepper interesting and captivating.


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Nov 142013
Touching Google India Commercial ‘Reunion’ Will Have You Tearing Up

Google truly knows how to market. 

This brand new Google India commercial masked as a touching short story has gone viral with over one million views, and is spreading onto the English speaking web. 

After hearing stories about his best childhood friend, a granddaughter in India uses Google to somehow find her grandpa’s long lost friend who now lives far away in Pakistan. 

Don’t forget to turn the English closed captioning on at the bottom right corner of the video player. 


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