Mar 312015
The Book Was Better Than The Movie

Everyone knows that movies based upon books almost never live up to the original. But what if a movie was made about how the book was better than the movie? Confused yet? Fat Awesome lays it all out in this hilarious, mind bending short film that keeps on going in circles and circles and circles. Does your brain hurt yet?


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Nov 032014
Inception Retold by Mom

Inception was an instant blockbuster hit when it came out 2010, and permanently left its mark on popular culture. But animator Pixels Per Second‘s mom has only just watched the multi-layered film. Afterwards, she attempted to retell and explain the story, only to butcher it completely and leave us with this hilarious version


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Jan 232013

Videos of shocked farmers and cooks cracking an extraordinarily large egg only to discover an entirely intact egg inside, in addition to the usual yolk and egg whites, has been seen by the web before

Nevertheless, ‘eggception’ videos seem to always go viral in their own right.

The latest person to open an ‘eggception’ egg is Sean Wilson. After he weighs the ginormous egg, he cracks it into a hot pan only for another normal sized egg to fall out along with the first egg’s whites and yolk. 

Naturally, he is more than surprised. “O. M. G. There’s an egg in the egg! I can’t believe that. I just can’t believe it!”

Now, his week old video already has over 925,000 views


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Nov 152012

Remember the iconic bath tub scene in Inception? Gav and Dan of  wanted to recreate the scene, all with their super slow motion cameras rolling. They each took a turn falling backwards into a filled bathtub in their backyard, and ended up with truly glorious slow mo clips.


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