Apr 282014
Lag In Real Life Experiment

There’s nothing more annoying than a lagging Internet connection, especially when you are trying to watch a streaming movie or play online games. 

That got Swedish Internet provider Umea Energi thinking. How would people react to lag in real life? So they conducted an experiment with four volunteers who attempted to perform everyday tasks while wearing virtual reality goggles that had a 3 second delay. 


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Apr 072014
Super Mario Destroys Man’s House

Imagine after an afternoon of gaming, Mario escaped from the television and entered our reality.

You’d come home to find your house destroyed, covered in Koopa shells and Goomba remains. 

That’s exactly what filmmaker John Huffnagle imagined in his new viral video, Mario is Destroying my house.


Via LaughingSquid

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Feb 232014
Real Life Flappy Bird In A Box Is Better Than The Original Video Game

Digital video games which were once only for nerds and geeks have gone mainstream. We all love video games, but there’s just something magical about a game in real life.

After the explosion of Flappy Bird, Fawn Qiu made a real life version in a box at the Tribeca Hack-athon using just an Arduino, two servo motors, a reed switch, and some magnets.  

Her real life version–inspired by the classic Mario in a box game–became an instant hit. Video demonstrating the game has gone viral online with over 1.4 million views!


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Jan 232014
Conference Call In Real Life Comedy Sketch

Technology has changed how the world does business. Now, partners can hold virtual conferences with workers literally around the world.

But, as this trending comedy sketch by Tripp and Tyler demonstrates, the services could still use a few tweaks.  


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Jan 212014
Dragon Ball Z Fight In Real Life

Popular YouTuber Nigahiga is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z.

He has always wanted to spoof the prominent Japanese anime series, and after a lot of hard work has finally debuted this hilarious parody that even viewers unfamiliar with the show are enjoying.


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