Sep 042013
3D Chalk Mario Kart In Real Life

Artist Chris Carlson of AWE me is well known for his amazing 3D chalk art. He recently went viral with his 3D Tetris stop motion video. 

Now, he has returned to one up himself with this 3D chalk stop motion animation of Yoshi from Mario Kart driving around the streets in real life


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Aug 262013

 NSFW Warning language, content

Eccentric YouTuber Steve Kardynal has returned to the web with another episode in his Songs in Real Life series. As in the past videos, Steve and his friends use clips from pop music hits to express themselves in creative ways. 

Already, the new video has garnered over half a million views


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Aug 162013

Stunt actress Jessie Graff published this impressive fight scene at the end of July, but the clip has only picked up viral momentum now.

Somehow, Jessie and Tree O’Toole reimagined the famous and ever repeating Family Guy Epic Chicken Fight scene in pure reality.

Nearly ever frame was reproduced to utter perfection by the two fighting gals, and now they are going viral as they deserve. 


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Aug 022013

A little over a year ago, parody YouTube channel  went viral their creative YouTube Complaints video which featured frequently asked questions and problems YouTube users often struggle with. 

Now, they have returned with a second helping of YouTube complaints that is trending into the weekend.  


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