Aug 282013

Popular New York City based improv group ImprovEverywhere has again held a Black Tie Beach party for 2013.

As in the past, the improv crew accrued a group of volunteers to dress up in white gowns and tuxedos and take to the beach as if they were dressed in speedos and shorts. 

In just one day, the new video has collected over 625,000 views.


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Jul 232013

For their latest MP3 experiment, Improv Everywhere found over 7,000 New Yorker volunteers to press play simultaneously on the same ridiculous mp3 file filled with outrageous instructions. 

Onlookers were shocked to see thousands of apparent strangers all moving in synchronization. The tenth experiment is quickly going viral across the web today. 


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Jun 172013

For their latest improv-social experiment, the talented and popular improv crew of Improv Everywhere turned a regular bar in Brooklyn into a timewarp to the 1860′s. 

With the help of the BBC America series Copper, the bar decor, bartender, patrons and more were transformed to look and act like it was the year 1865.

Then they invited unsuspecting friends to unknowingly go back in time. Naturally, the first thing they do is take out their smartphones to record. 


Also, walking into a bar full of people dressed and acting like it is the 1860′s happens all the time in Williamsberg. 


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May 202013

Improv Everywhere, one of the most famous improv-comedy groups online, naturally had to make a video for YouTube Comedy Week

They teamed up with College Humor famous Pat Cassels and Evan Gregory of the popular Auto Tune The News series to turn a New York City MTA subway car into bona fide late night talk show.

The mission is called Talk Show Subway Car.

They brought all the chairs, props, people, and equipment onto a subway car and took over, building an authentic late night set.

Evan of course took care of the music as Charlie Todd took charge of the subway riders, quickly turning them into an enthusiastic audience for his fictitious show, Late Night Underground with Pat Cassels

The show actually looks awesome as Pat asks everyday riders up on stage to feature them on his show. Want more about the crazy prank? Check out the Improv Everywhere article


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Apr 302013

The most famous improv crew arguably in the world, ImprovEverywhere, has again struck in the heart of New York City with a hilarious prank. For their latest mission, they pretended the city made a new program of Seeing Eye People for New Yorkers to walk and text. 

Countless volunteers wearing orange vests and leashes took to the streets with a texter right behind them holding the leash and tapping away. 



BuzzFeed got in the gag actually approaching real people who were texting and walking and asking them if they need assistance. Most did not react pleased. 


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