Jun 212016
Asking Strangers To Be A Commencement Speaker

Graduation season is nearing its end. For a truly unique graduation speech, Improv Everywhere set up a graduation ceremony in Bryant Park and then asked passersby to be the special commencement speaker. 


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Mar 162016
Twins Prank People On Train With Time Travel Gag

The pranksters at Improv Everywhere have put together a truly unique prank for their latest project. First, they had a man walk through a subway car asking people for donations for his time machine. A few minutes later, they had his twin come into the same car with a beard who begged his brother not to build the time machine as he was from the future and it didn’t work out all that well. 


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Dec 022015
Giant Light Switch In New York

The holidays can be a little rough in New York City. To help make things more cheerful, Improv Everywhere set up a bright surprise at Father Demo Square in Manhattan. When passersby flipped the giant red light switch, the entire park would light up with Christmas lights. Even the people walking around the park would light up. Happy Holidays!


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Sep 082015
Surprise Ballroom Dancing In Manhattan Crosswalk Prank

The street crosswalks in Manhattan are arguably the busiest in America, and one of the most congested in the world. That gave Improv Everywhere a great idea for their latest gag. They had apparent strangers ‘accidentally’ bump into each other in a large crowd while walking across a busy street, and instead of simply going about their business, they burst into a very quick ballroom dance


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Aug 062015
Break Dancers Perform Ballet In New York Park

In New York City, it is common for a group of musicians or dancers to spontaneously perform in public. As break dancing is a favorite in the Big Apple, Improv Everywhere decided to have some fun. They had a group of professional dancers perform in Washington Square Park, but instead of break dancing they put on a gorgeous, and unexpected, ballet show


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