Apr 102016
Hillary Clinton Addresses Her Losing Streak

For decades, Saturday Night Live has been famous for their hilarious impressions of famous celebrities and politicians. SNL actress Kate McKinnon is by far their best Hillary Clinton impersonator in years. To open last night, SNL had “Hillary” addresses her recent bumpy ride in the race to win more delegates than her Democratic competitor Bernie Sanders. 


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Mar 312016
Walmart Clerk Is Amazing Scooby Doo Impersonator

All hourly jobs can be a drag, but it’s especially hard to work at Walmart. But somehow, this clerk is able to stay positive. While checking out, Jeff Twomby witnessed the clerk drop some hilarious Scooby Doo and Shaggy impressions. Spot on!

Now, this video has gone viral with over half a million instant hits!


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Mar 132016
SNL Recreates CNN Coverage Of Ben Carson Endorsing Donald Trump And Bring Larry David Back

Thought you saw Larry David play Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live for the last time? Not a chance! Just like Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin, SNL isn’t going to let this perfect impression go until the horse is dead.

This time, SNL recreated the CNN coverage of Ben Carson, played by Jay Pharoah, as he endorsed Donald Trump, played by Darrell Hammond. Then they brought David back for some more of Bernie.


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Mar 062016
Jay Pharoah Perfectly Impersonates Famous Black Comedians On Weekend Update

Last week, comedian Katt Williams was trending for making some negative comments about Kevin Hart and his blooming Hollywood career. During Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update, SNL comedian Jay Pharoah revealed that after the fight, all the famous black comedians held a special meeting at Eddie Murphy’s house. Jay’s impressions of some of the most famous black comedians is perfection. 


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Mar 032016
Jimmy Fallon Parodies Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Speech

To the glee of his fans and the chagrin of nearly everyone else, Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump basically crushed it on Super Tuesday. The few people who are loving The Donald are comedians and late night hosts. 

Trump simply gives them so much material that no other politician can compete with. After Trump’s success on Super Tuesday, he naturally gave a victory speech. Jimmy Fallon pokes fun at the speech in this spoof video.


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