Feb 042016
Jimmy Fallon Recreates Donald Trump’s Iowa Caucus Speech

Even if it doesn’t seem like he may ever win, there’s no question that Donald Trump has been the most talked about presidential candidate. After coming in second in the Iowa Caucus, The Donald gave a very Trump-like speech. 

Jimmy Fallon recreates the speech in this trending clip. 


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Jan 242016
Tina Fey Impersonates Palin Endorsing Donald Trump

Saturday Night Live has been famous for decades for their hilarious impersonations of politicians and presidents. Without a doubt, one of the most famous imperssions on SNL of recent time has been Tina Fey impersonating former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

Back in the 2008 presidential race, Fey made headlines with her perfect Sarah Palin. Now, after Palin has publicly endorsed Donald Trump with an yet another outrageous speech, Tina has returned to again bring Palin to life like no one else can. Naturally, this SNL clip has instantly gone viral!


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Jan 202016
Ross Marquand Performs More Micro Celebrity Impressions

The Internet knows all too well that when something works, you can never stop at just one. What a waste of an idea. So after their first viral video of Ross Marquand performing super short and quick celebrity impressions–which has over 1.5 million viewsVanity Fair asked for him to return for a second episode of epicness. Spot on. 


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Jan 142016
Jimmy Fallon Sings “Hotline Bling” As Bob Dylan

Years before he was a late night host, Jimmy Fallon made a name for himself on SNL for his hilarious impressions. On The Tonight Show, he still loves impersonating famous stars and especially musicians.

For his latest sketch, Jimmy recreated Drake’s new hit single Hotline Bling as Bob Dylan for a truly one of a kind cover. 


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Jan 122016
Ross Marquand Performs Hilarious Celebrity ‘Nano’ Impressions

Every actor and their neighbor can perform at least some impressions of famous celebrities. But The Walking Dead actor Ross Marquand has taken impressions to the next level in this trending Vanity Fair video. 

Instead of regular impressions, he performs nano impressions, which are so much better. 


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