Dec 222014
Incredible Spinner Illusion Is Mesmerizing

Illusionist Brusspup is famous for his mind blowing optical illusions, and his latest project is no exception. He shows the camera what appears to be a large metal snow flake. OK, no biggie. But when he makes it spin it becomes a gorgeous spinning star of light. Whoa! 


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Jul 232014
Crazy Circle Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

The balls bouncing around in this red circle appears to be moving as one single unit. A circle of white balls rolling around the larger red circle. But really, the white balls are simply moving in straight lines. Can you see it? Watch as each ball is added one at a time. Illusionist Bruss Pup has done it again! Mind blown! 


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Jun 262014
Blindfolded Performing Artist Will Blow Your Mind With Hoop Illusion

Back in April, French performing artist LindzeePoi exploded online with his impressive Amelymeloptical Hoop Illusion. His video quickly went viral and now stands with over 2.1 million views! Now, he has returned to raise the stakes. This time, he puts on a mind blowing, eye-popping performance while blind folded. He starts off slow, but his act quickly escalates. It almost seems like the video is digitally enhanced. How’d he do that?! 


Thanks Lindzee!

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Jun 172014
OK Go Music Video “The Writing’s On the Wall” Is Full Of Mind Blowing Illusions

Rock band OK Go is famous for creating one of the first viral music videos to hit the web back in 2005. Here It Goes Again instantly went viral for its creative concept of just using six treadmills to create an entertaining and memorable video.

Now, the band has just released their latest music video for The Writing’s On the Wall off their new album Hungry Ghosts. The video is packed full of eye-popping optical illusions that will no doubt inspire viewers to share it. 



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May 292014
Audio Illusions Will Blow Your Mind

Can we really trust our ears asks the science nerds of Asap Science. Most people don’t realize that what we hear is greatly dependent on the lips of the speaker. We are all subconsciously reading lips. Because of the McGurk Effect, viewers hear different words based not only on what we hear, but also on the visuals we see.

This trending video covers this and other audio illusions that will blow your mind. 


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