Oct 212014
IKEA Homage To The Shining

Halloween is just around the corner. In order to promote their late night shopping, IKEA Singapore made this homage to Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining. A child riding a tricycle around the iconic IKEA warehouse is terrified when he sees two girls asking him to “come pay with us.” But don’t worry, it’s just his parents. 


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Sep 042014
Experience The Power Of Bookbook

These days, everything is enhanced by technology. Some might say that we have gone too far. So iconic Swedish furniture company IKEA has decided to go back to the basics. But they’ve kept the same marketing company. Now, this parody tech commercial for a simple, old-fashion paper catalog has gone viral. 


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Dec 302013
IKEA Heights Soap Opera

IKEA Heights is a hilarious soap opera filmed in an open IKEA store without management’s knowledge. 

This first episode was posted way back in 2009, but has resurfaced after appearing on Reddit

Shoppers can be seen and heard in the background looking confused as they apparently walk in on something private going on.


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Nov 152013
Trapping People In IKEA Prank By Ylvis

The only problem with TV Norge, the official YouTube channel of Norwegian comedian group Ylivs, is that most of their hilarious videos aren’t in English. 

Enter UploadingFriend. They take the time to add English subtitles on some of the best foreign language videos online. 

Thankfully, they took this original IKEA prank video, and added English so a larger audience can enjoy. 

Now, the English-subtitled video is trending. 


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Nov 142013
Alfonso Cuarón’s IKEA Trailer Spoofs Gravity

Getting lost in IKEA is like getting lost out in space. To make matters worse, cell coverage is really bad too.

After getting lost one too many times at the modern Swedish interior design warehouse, Daniel Hubbard had an epiphany, and made this humorous trailer for an IKEA-themed parody of the popular Alfonso Cuarón science fiction thriller Gravity.

The video has just gone viral with over 250,000 hits!


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