Feb 072012

Most ice cream trucks play simple nursery rhyme songs like Twinkle, Twinkle, or Yankee Doodle. You’d never expect to hear the tune to ‘gangsta rap’ like Chain Hang Low. But that’s exactly what this mom hears in her neighborhood. As she says, “You know you’re in the ghetto when the ice cream truck plays Chain Hang Low.”


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Jan 102012

Carter has Spina Bifida which means he is stuck in a wheelchair if he wants to move by himself. Being in a wheelchair as a kid is hard, espcecially around the holidays like Halloween, but Carter’s amazing parents do their best for him not to feel left out. For last Halloween, they retro-fitted his wheelchair into a full ice cream truck, complete with ice cream truck music. Cutest and best costume ever!! The video from last Octoboer just went viral after being featured on Reddit.

For a bonus, here is Carter in his Batmobile wheelchair costume two years ago. 


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Jun 072011

Cadbury Ice Cream has made the first amphibious ice cream truck. The truck cruises along the waterways in London offering ice creams and ices to other boat enthusiasts. How cool would it be to see an ice cream boat while on the beach?


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