Jul 252014
Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time

Women go through a lot to look nice. But what looks simple is most definitely not. There’s a reason it seems to take so long for your girlfriend to get her makeup ready. To show guys what most women go through, BuzzFeed had their staffers go two face, with half of their face left as usual and the other half done up with makeup. This is gonna be a learning experience.   


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Jul 232014
Homeless Cardboard Stories Will Move You

Most of us have prejudices about homeless people. They must be crazy, criminal, dangerous people. But that’s not right! Rethink Homelessness wants people to realize that the homeless are just like everyone else who have fallen upon hard times. The group commissioned this powerful video of homeless people telling their stories on a piece of cardboard which has gone viral with over one million views!


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Jul 172014
Visiting A ‘Crazy’ In-Door German Water Park

Have you ever wanted to go to the water park, but didn’t want the sun shining on your back? Then this in-door water park film maker Casey Neistat found in Germany is for you. The Tropical Islands resort is the largest water park in the world and is all contained in a huge blimp hangar. Casey and his son enjoyed the unique park until late into the evening. 


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Jul 172014
First Woman Passes Ninja Warrior Semi-Final Round

Like Iron Chef, Ninja Warrior has made its way from the TV world of the Far East. Now we have American Ninja Warrior. For the first time ever, a female competitor has passed the semi-final round to qualifiy for the ‘impossible’ final Mt. Midoriyama round. Viewers are awed by her power and grace as she accomplishes what most men and women simply cannot do. Over 2.6 million people have already watched the viral clip.


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Jul 162014
Crazy Guy Ate Pizza Everyday For 25 Years

Everyone loves pizza, but could you imagine eating the cheesy saucy dough everyday for 25 long years? That’s the actual reality for Dan Janssen. Since childhood, he has developed an aversion to most foods. One thing he can handle is pizza. Well, he more than handles it. It has become quite an obsession as this mini-documentary by Munchies explains. 


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