Oct 242014
Jimmy Kimmel Surprises Hero Who Saved Man From Burning Building In Fresno

Viewers will remember the viral video from earlier this week that featured a nameless hero charging into a burning house in California to save a man. Not only did no one know the name of the hero, but he was never even thanked. Until now. Jimmy Kimmel somehow found the man, and invited him onto his late night show to offer him a hero’s surprise. 


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Aug 192014
People Get Tattoos For The First Time

Have you ever contemplated getting a tattoo? It’s a decision that should not be taken lightly. You have to live with that tattoo for the rest of your life. Still, BuzzFeed Video was able to convince a group of their staffers to get their first tattoos and post the footage online. 


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Aug 162014
Past Students Throw Surprise Party For Retiring Teacher

After 41 years of teaching young kids, first grade teacher Mrs. Flexer is retiring. Kid President of Soul Pancake and fellow teacher Jamie teamed up to give Mrs. Flexer a proper good bye. They rallied together a slew of past students so they could thank Mrs. Flexer for all her hard work and for changing their lives. 


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Aug 142014
Police Officer Saves Woman Choking After Pulling Her Over

Cops have a bad reputation online. Thankfully, this Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer has turned the tide. While pulling a driver over in Kalamazoo, Jason Gates noticed the driver was choking. He quickly pulled her out of the car and performed the heimlich maneuver, saving her life. Understandably, the woman instantly burst into tears. 


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Aug 132014
Don’t Look Down On Me Short Documentary About Little Person’s Day

Jonathan Novick is a little person living in New York City. Being a dwarf is never easy, but in the Big Apple it’s even more difficult. While in NYC, Jon made this documentary about his daily life, appropriately titled Don’t Look Down On Me

“The next time you see someone who is different than you, think about what their day might be like. What part of their day do you want to be?”


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