Jun 222015
Apartment Fire Witness Quickly Becomes First Responder

Spencer Butler and his friends just happened to be by an apartment building when they noticed smoke. At first, Spencer started recording the scene, but he, his friends, and complete strangers quickly became first responders as they banged on apartment doors to warn people, and even broke in some doors to save pets. Scary! He reports that three dogs were saved and no lives were lost thankfully. 


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Jun 042015
Brain Surgery Patient Plays Guitar And Sings Yesterday By The Beatles During Procedure

Brazilian Anthony Kulkamp required a very delicate and dangerous brain surgery to remove a tumor. Since the procedure was so dangerous, the doctors kept Anthony awake and even had him play guitar to ensure everything stayed neurologically sound. It’s no surprise this unique video of Anthony playing and singing The Beatles classic Yesterday while doctors worked on his brain has gone viral!


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Jun 022015
Homeless Man Explains The Difficulties Of

Documentary filmmaker Tyler Mann was in Austin, Texas when he met Obediah, a homeless man with a lot of insight. He explained to Tyler the difficulties of reintegrating into society after being freed from jail. Since is labeled a felon he can’t get a job or find a place to live even though he never hurt another person. So he chose to live in a tent and make the best of his situation. This powerful interview has gone viral with over half a million views on YouTube and millions more on Facebook


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Jun 022015
Tracy Morgan’s First Interview Since Fatal Car Crash

As most of his fans already know, Tracy Morgan was in a severe car accident a year ago when a Walmart truck that was driving over the speed limit crashed into his car. Tracy was hurt badly, but is now doing OK. Sadly, his friend James McNair did not make it. For the first time since the accident, Tracy spoke with The TODAY Show‘s Matt Lauer to discuss the incident. This interview has gone viral with over one million views!


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May 262015
Retired Pilot Buys His Own Fighter Jet

A regular passenger airplane is expensive enough. But a high tech fighter jet can cost billions. The British Harrier Jump Jet can cost $20 to $30 billion! Retired fighter pilot Art Nalls loved flying jets so much, he bought his own after retiring from an extensive military career! This video covering Art by AARP has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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