Jan 162013

Ali Wasel‘s wire haired fox terrier Gaytor loves to ‘talk’ with other dogs. So when he’s been a good boy, she’ll pull up a YouTube video of a dog howling for Gaytor to ‘chit chat’ with. 

Now, the video, which is being touted across the web as My Dog Can Skype, is going viralviral, and is featured on TastefullyO, LaughingSquid, DailyMail, and HuffPost


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Aug 302012

Demon, the tiny three and a half week old Siberian Husky who lives with , is a the latest adorable pet to steal the hearts of viewers online. The precious pup tries his best to howl, but falls short. Don’t worry little guy, have a long life ahead full of howling and barking the mailman and such. 


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