Jun 292013

Laina, the web’s favorite Overly Attached Girlfriend, has resurfaced over the weekend, going viral with this new video. To help other girlfriends keep their man, Laina demonstrates for viewers how to make him a sandwich.

An overly attached sandwich that is. 

In just a matter of days, the new video has garnered over 1.3 million views and 20,000 Likes.


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Jun 242013

Richard Wiseman of Quirkology is famous for his eccentric Bets You Will Always Win viral videos. In the on going series, he demonstrates to viewers a slew of fun bar tricks to prank your friends after they’ve had a few drinks to many. 

This time, he shows how to reverse an arrow without touching it, how to change a series with only one move, and more!


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Jun 222013

How-to make up videos have grown from a couple make up gurus to one of the largest, and most popular genres on YouTube.

YouTuber Tadele Smith went viral last week with this hilarious feminist make up tutorial parody. Using the same style and flow of most gurus, she explains to her viewers how to put on the perfect make up to ‘give you the upper hand in defeating your male enemies.’

Even she admits she never expected her parody to become so popular, and never intended to offend anyone.

“It’s honestly not supposed to be serious or be taken seriously. It’s meant to play on some common misconceptions about feminism.”

In less than a week, she has accumulated over a quarter million views


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Jun 132013

Folding a shirt in a matter of seconds has been a recurring viral video-theme since even before YouTube. Most of the videos featuring the quick fold originate from Asia, leaving most Western viewers confused over the exact motions of the technique.

Thankfully, quirky how-to YouTuber Dave Hax has come forward with a full explanation of the fold in his new video How to Fold a Shirt in Under 2 Seconds.


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May 022013

After a long wait, Google Glass is finally. To explain the basics, Project Glass published this new how-to video.

The incredible device sits on your face just like glasses, and has a small screen above your right eye with projects a heads up display. The right side of the device is also a touch pad, which can be used to turn on the device, and traverse through photos or cards. Of course, you can use voice as well. 

Though it is only available to developers and VIP’s, the new video has already been viewed over one million times


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