Jun 182014
How To Slice A Mango

Mangos are delicious, but they are so annoying to cut up. The large, fibrous pit in the middle is simply a pain to cut around. So how do you slice up a mango without cutting your finger? Thankfully, foodie Alton Brown demonstrates his trick how to cut a mango in this video


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Jun 122014
How To Build A Fry Derrick

Foodie and Food Network star Alton Brown is a huge fan of fried food done right. One of his favorites it fried turkey. There’s just nothing like serving a delicious, juicy fried turkey on Thanksgiving that will shock your guests with its flavor and taste. But frying a whole turkey isn’t like frying a batch of chicken nuggets. It’s a huge ordeal that can actually be dangerous if done incorrectly. 

So to help newbies get their fry on in a safe manner, Alton demonstrates in this video how to build what he calls the fry derrick. 


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Jun 072014
Different Ways To Recycl A Coca-Cola Bottle

Plastic bottles are very convenient, but they have become a serious problem for Mother Nature. To help combat plastic bottle waste, Coca-Cola has introduced a line of innovative caps to turn an empty Coke bottle into something brand new. Need a spray bottle? How about a refillable paint brush? Try a Coke!


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Jun 062014
Girl Demonstrates Trick To Recover Sunken Canoe

It’s a perfect time to go boating or canoeing now that the weather is warmer. But be careul, canoeing isn’t that easy. Even if you are experienced, it is easy to tip the canoe over. So what are you supposed to do when your canoe is sunken, full of water?

Thankfully, this little girl demonstrates a trick to fix this problem. By balancing on the edges of the boat, she tips it back and forth to slow but surely splash all of the water out. Impressive! 


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Jun 052014
How To Cook Steak Directly On The Coals

Grilling season is officially here. To shake things up a bit, foodie Alton Brown demonstrates how to properly grill what he considers one of the best cuts of beef, the skirt steak. The secret is to cook the meat like our cave dwelling ancestors did, directly on the burning hot coals. Don’t worry about bits of ash, that just enhances the flavor. Seriously. 


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