Dec 022013
Italian Girl Demonstrates Italian Hand Gestures

NSFW Language 

Italians are famous for their over the top hand gestures, but if you’re not Italian the gestures may only confuse you.

Thankfully, Italian YouTuber Veronika Poli demonstrates all the most common hand gestures in her country in this trending video


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Nov 242013
Photographer Explains How To Look Photogenic With ‘The Squinch’

In this viral video, photographer Peter Hurley explains the secret to looking photogenic and confident in pictures. 

It’s all about what he dubs ‘The Squinch’–a slight variation on squinting that apparently all the celebrities already know about. 

The week old video has amassed over 440,000 hits, and is further covered on PetaPixel, DailyOfTheDay, and DigitalTrends


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Nov 132013
How To Make 5 Homemade Emergency Candles

The cold weather is here, and that means snow and even blizzards. In case you ever lose power and are out of candles, check out this new video by ‘life-hacker’ Dave Hax.

He demonstrates How To Make 5 Homemade Emergency Candles using commonly found household items, such as a can of tuna, an orange peel, and even a stick of butter. 


Thanks for the tip, Dave!

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Oct 292013
How To Make A Secret Cloaked Monitor Screen That Only You Can See

Tired of your coworkers or roommates looking over your shoulder at your computer screen?

Prominent online illusionist Brusspup has stepped forward to demonstrate how to make a secret, cloaked computer monitor that only the user can see with special polarizing glasses. 

Starting with a used monitor, he delicately removed the screen’s polarizing filter. Without it, all that the human eye can see is white.

He then simply outfitted a pair of glasses with new polarizing filters, and, viola, only the person wearing the special glasses can see what’s on screen!


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Oct 172013
How To Make An Alcohol Stove With A Beer Bottle Can

You know those Bud Lite beer bottles made from aluminum? The Crazy Russian Hacker has stepped forward to demonstrate how to make a mini alcohol burning stove with just the empty can. 

By cutting the bottle in half and inverting the top into the bottom, a small stove is created. Simply add the necessary holes and rubbing alcohol, and, viola, you have a mini alcohol burning stove perfect for camping. 


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