Oct 132013
Clever Way To Turn Bag Of Chips Into Serving Bowl

This video by Korean YouTuber dool 둘 was posted back in the summer, but has resurfaced recently, scooping up over 300,000 new views

The short clip boats a clever new way to open a bag of chips.

Forget the top and bottom seal. Simply tear a hole in the center of the front and carefully carve out an opening, turning your bag into a serving bowl for all to enjoy. 


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Sep 142013
Pneumatic Tube Transport To Send Teeth To The ‘Tooth Fairy’

JEFF HIGHSMITH of MAKE and Makezine wanted to bring the Tooth Fairy into the 21st century, so he invented the Tooth Fairy Pneumatic Transport.

Using a smartphone as a control pad at the station, Jeff showed his young son who just lost a tooth how to fill the capsule with his treasure and send it to the Tooth Fairy. 

After finally launching the capsule, the smartphone displays a fun animation showing the “real time” travel of the capsule as it travels to the Tooth Fairy’s “tree house.”

Of course, the pneumatic tube simply travels to a second station Jeff built with a cover so the kids have no idea as he replaced the tooth with cash.

To bring the Tooth Fairy into the 21st century for your kids simply follow Jeff’s instructions


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Sep 092013
Infinitely Flying Paper Airplane Circles Over Electric Stove Hack

It may sound impossible, but if one is stubborn enough, they can make a paper airplane seemingly fly forever.

As demonstrated in this newly trending video by Viral Video Lab, all the user must do is fold a proper paper airplane and toss it above a preheated electric stove.

If done just right, the warm air from the hotplates will indefinitely lift the paper airplane causing it to circle its fuel source. 


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Sep 052013
How To Make Soap From Bacon And Drain Cleaner

If you’re like most people, you’ve seen the popular 1999 movie Fight Club, and remember the soap making scene.

Grant Thompson, AKA the King of Random, loves the scene so much that for his latest project he made his own Fight Club style soap using drain cleaner and bacon fat. Not human fat as in the movie.

You know, because he’s not completely crazy. 


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Sep 052013
How To Make HUGE, GIANT Bubbles

Who doesn’t love playing with bubbles? But those tiny bubbles from the small wands that come with the bubble solution for kids just don’t cut it. Enter science and how-to nerd Night Hawkin Light. He has come forward to show the web a simple and easy way to make enormous bubbles with just dish soap, water, and J-Lube powder


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