Jan 152014
How To Make Infused Cocktails Quickly With Laughing Gas

Infused cocktails are delicious, but who has the time to wait weeks for the flavors to meld in this new instantaneous world?

Thankfully, Hard Science explains and demonstrates how to make infused cocktails in just a matter of minutes with the help of Nitrous Oxide, aka laughing gas.


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Jan 062014
How To Open Canned Food With Just Your Bare Hands

This video by Russian outdoors-man and survivalist Grigoryi1 has gone viral.

Having canned food while lost in the woods is a great form of sustenance. But how helpful is the food if your missing a can opener, and can’t open the can?

Thankfully, Grigoryi1 explains how to open a tall tin can with nothing more than a pair of hands. 

Though his entire narration is in Russian, his demonstration is explanation enough for most viewers. 


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Jan 032014
Couple Explains How They Build Backpack Care Packages For The Homeless

Tacoma, Washington YouTubers Ynotjf discuss how they help the homeless in their town in this video that has just gone viral now. 

Instead of just giving needy people on the streets cash or fast food, they realized they could give much more help for their buck if they bought used backpacks and filled them with essential supplies, such as toothbrushes, blankets, and peanut butter. 

They build their care packages for only $20 a bag, and always have a few on hand when driving on the road to help any needy person. 

It seems the Web is loving the idea, as the video from October has amassed over 300,000 new views in just one day!


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Jan 022014
Recreating Daft Punk’s One More Time

EDM producer Sadowick Production posted this tutorial almost a year ago, but the video has only gone viral now with over 400,000 new views

He demonstrates in just a matter of minutes how Daft Punk may have sampled the iconic, catchy tune for their hit One More Time from a disco beat


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Jan 012014
How To Power A Small Fan With The Heat Of A Candle

How are you going to stay cool after the zombie apocalypse hits and there’s no electricity?

Thankfully, Household Hacker demonstrates how to make a candle powered fan in this latest how-to video. All you need is a Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier which transfers heat into electricity, and a few extra computer parts lying around. 


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