May 102014
How To Make A Homemade Batman ‘Batarang’

One of Batman‘s coolest tools is his bat-shaped stars known as the Batarang. Every nerd wishes they could wield the sweet bat-stars, but where can one acquire an authentic Batarang? They aren’t really easy to come by. Super how-to nerd Grant Thompson had an old table-saw blade that he was replacing, and realized its superhero potential. With a little hard work, he was able to create five super sweet Batarangs, each with a different Batman design. Awesome. 


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May 082014
Transferring Inkjet Photo To Wood Is An Awesome Trick

Woodworker and artist Steve Ramsey demonstrates a cool trick anyone can try in this trending video. Steve first gets a page of adhesive backed labels with all the stickers removed–the plastic coated paper is what he’s after. Then he uses his home computer to print a picture on the page which resists soaking up the ink. He carefully pushes the page on a piece of nice wood to transfer the photo, and, after a quick spray of lacquer, he’s done! The end result looks great. 


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Mar 182014
Add-A-Sphere Allows Pond Fish To Swim Above Water’s Surface

Gardener Ted Greiner of TJB posted this video in 2008, but it is trending now with over 200,000 new views

The video demonstrates the Add-A-Sphere fish bowl which is stationed in a pond. After proper installation, pond fish will be able to swim ‘above’ the surface of the water. Truly an innovative addition to any backyard pond. 


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Mar 172014
How To Extend The Raise Of Your Car Key Fob Using Your Brain

Have you ever gone to the mall only to lose your car in the parking lot?

Professor Roger Bowley of The University of Nottingham and Sixty Symbols explains a simple yet ingenious trick how to extend the range of your key fob significantly so finding your car is that much easier. 

Simply touch the key fob to your head. That’s right, the water in your brain literally extends the range of the electromagnetic pulse. 


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Mar 092014
How A Court Reporting Stenograph Machine How it Works

Have you ever wondered how that weird court reporting machine the stenographer uses even works? It’s like a piano-keyboard hybrid. How in the world does the typist write with that thing?

Thankfully, Jean Rohrer explains how the mysterious machine works in this trending video

What’s the point of this extravagant typing machine as a oppose to traditional keyboard? 

Jean explains that the average professional QWERTY keyboard typist can write at 60 words a minute. However, the average court reporter can type at a blazing 225 words a minute–a big difference that is necessary to record those fast paced arguments in court. 

“I think we all have always wanted to know this. But this broke my brain,” says YouTuber Chook Alana

We couldn’t agree more.


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