Feb 232014
Dad Makes Song Awesome Mission Control Desk

Jeff High Smith of Makezine wanted to make his son a homework desk with an added bonus and was more than successful.

After work is complete, the desk transforms into the coolest spaceship mission control desk any kid could dream of. 

The desk includes countless NASA-themed buttons, buzzers, switches, lights and sound effects. 

Best dad ever!


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Feb 212014
How To Seceretly Use Your Smartphone In Class

Gone are the days of doodling and secretly reading comic books in class. Today, students have smartphones to distract themselves during school hours.

But most teachers don’t take too kindly to their students playing games on their mobile devices right in front of them. 

Thankfully, Web popular Household Hacker demonstrates how to make a stealth smartphone holder in this new video


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Feb 132014
How To Watch The Russian Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics games are underway in Sochi, Russia.

These are not your average games, so you can’t simply watch them like any other sports.

You have to get in the Russian mood.

Thankfully, Rhett & Link explain how to properly watch the Sochi winter games in this new video


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Feb 102014
Super Mario Doorbell Is Nerd Awesomeness

Want to show off your love for Nintendo? How about putting a Super Mario doorbell on your house!

Jo Tsai has made a custom doorbell that sounds the familiar chime when one collects a coin in the Super Mario games. There’s even a digital counter. Once you hit one hundred, the 1-UP sound can be heard as well. 


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Jan 302014
Imploding Soda Can Trick

in this new video, Grant Thompson demonstrates how to crush a soda can in seconds, using no force at all. Simply heat the can with a bit of water until it steams. Then turn the soda can over and dip it into ice water. The change in pressure will create a powerful vacuum that crushes the can.


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