Sep 012014
Dad Explains How To Change Toilet Paper Roll

As every parent knows, getting your teen to help with household chores is nearly impossible. Even something as simple as changing the toilet paper roll after it is finished can be a battle. After telling his teens over and over to change the roll themselves, father Will Reid decided to make a YouTube video explaining how to actually execute a TP roll change. As if that was the reason they never did it themselves. 

His sarcastic video has gone viral with over the Labor Day weekend with over 650,000 hits!


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Aug 282014
How To Defend Against iPhone ATM PIN Code Hack

Back in the day, an infrared camera was very bulky and expensive. Today, you can buy a relatively cheap infrared camera to attach to your smartphone. Techy Mark Rober explains that though cheap technology is a good thing, there will always be people who use it for evil.

Using the infrared camera on a smartphone, one could easily figure out what someone’s ATM code is. Thankfully, Mark also explains the simple way to defend from this intrusion. 


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Aug 272014
How To Cut A Pineapple Hack

Pineapple is a delicious and healthy snack, but cutting it up is such a pain! This street vendor has obviously been cutting pineapple for a while, because he has basically become a pineapple ninja. Watch as he perfectly cubes an entire pineapple in just one minute with ease!


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Aug 252014
You’ll Never Guess How Cherries Are Harvested From Cherry Trees

Cherriesare  one of summer’s most delicious bounties. But have you ever wondered how they get from the cherry trees to your grocery store? It would take too long to pick each cherry, so farmers use a special tree shaker. That’s right, the cherries are shaken loose from the trees and land on a large tarp for easy gathering. 


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