Sep 152014
How To Pronounce Tricky Types Of Wine

There’s nothing worse than going to a fancy dinner or party only to be the one fool who can’t properly pronounce the name of the wine being served. Thankfully, the foodies at Food Beast have stepped forward to educate viewers how to pronounce a slew of tricky popular wine names


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Sep 102014
Can You Spot A Fake Smile

It’s only human nature to put on a fake smile when stuck in an awkward situation. Like when you see your successful ex at a party, or when that annoying co-worker won’t stop talking to you. But can you spot a fake smile when someone gives it to you? Richard Wiseman of In 59 Seconds demonstrates how to check for a fake smile so you’ll know what people are actually feeling. 


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Sep 082014
How To Land A Plane In An Emergency

It’s a classic movie premise. You are a passenger on a flight when suddenly, the pilot is unresponsive. It is up to you to land the plane safely. What do you do? Most people would have no clue what to do, so Tom Scott has made this video explaining how to land a plane in an emergency.  


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Sep 062014
Unconventional Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

You’re about to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine, but then, to your horror, you discover that you can’t find a bottle opener. What do you do? Thankfully, the foodies of Food Beast have an answer.

In this new video, they demonstrate 10 unconventional ways to open up a bottle of wine. Cheers!


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