May 242016
Deep Fried Water

Have you ever had a craving for some incredible ice cream? Then try deep fried ice cream. When done correctly, it can be the perfect inconceivable mix of hot and crispy, yet cold, creamy and delicious. 

Jonathan Marcus wanted to use the same frying technique on something with a little less calories. So he tried to deep fry water and was successful! So bland. 


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May 202016
How To Make A Cheese Ball Machine Gun

Obviously, the days of snowball fights are far behind us. So what fun games can you play in the summer? How about cheese ball tag? Night Hawk In Light demonstrates how to build a cheese ball machine gun using a leaf blower which can be used in countless fun ways!  


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May 082016
How To Make The “Smoke Bomb” Is Simply Stunning

YouTube’s newest and hottest cocktail channel, Cocktail Chemistry, has returned with arguably their best video to date. This time, our favorite bartender demonstrates his most intricate and advanced cocktail of all, The “Smoke Bomb.”

As it’s name suggests, when the ice sphere is cracked by the bartender, a ball of smoke explodes and adds a hint of fragrance to your drink. Stunning! 


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May 062016
Girl Explains How To Make Up Star Wars Names

Over the decades, Star Wars went from a nerdy movie to a worldwide phenomenon. Viewers just love the magical science-fantasy world George Lucas created. Fans especially the characters.

Jenny Nicholson is a huge fan, and explains how the creators of Star Wars come up with those unique, unforgettable names. 


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