Jul 062014
How To Make A Hit Pop Song Part 2

Just last week, comedian and musician Brett Domino went viral with his hilarious video, How To Make A Hit Pop Song. The video was an instant, and now stands with over 1.2 million views! After such a success, Brett has pleased his fans by offering a second dose on how to create a platinum hit song. 


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Jun 262014
How To Make A Hit Pop Song

Musician Brett Domino is not exactly what you would call a hot pop star. But that doesn’t matter. He has cracked the code on how to create a hit pop song. Just take a simple beat, mix it with a generic catch phrase, throw in an obscure instrument, sprinkle some production magic dust on top, and bam! You have a hit pop song on your hands! 


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Jun 182014
How To Slice A Mango

Mangos are delicious, but they are so annoying to cut up. The large, fibrous pit in the middle is simply a pain to cut around. So how do you slice up a mango without cutting your finger? Thankfully, foodie Alton Brown demonstrates his trick how to cut a mango in this video


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