Aug 252014
Best Dad Ever Makes Homemade Hovercraft For His Kids

Papa has just won the best dad in the neighborhood award. After some hard work, he has finished the second version of his homemade hovercraft made from a polystyrene insulation board, a hand blower, and a rope to steer. Naturally, his young son loves the ride!


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Apr 172014
Russian Firefighters Create Hovercraft Using Water Hoses

This outrageous video from 2013 has only gone viral now. Impressively, a crew of Russian firefighters created a hovercraft of sorts using only a large metal platform and six high-pressure water hoses. 

When all the hoses spray at the same pressure, the firefighter riding the platform slowly lifts off the ground into air! Why hasn’t a company made a similar device for the pool or beach yet?


Via DailyPicks

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Apr 022013

American professional golfer Bubba Watson loves a day on the course, but was getting sick of having to follow all the rigid golf carting rules while on the green. And when a pond was in the way of the game, so much time was wasted scooting around the obstacles.

Honing in on his American ingenuity, he imagined a golf cart-hovercraft hybrid. What he and Oakley ended up with was the BW1. Their golf hovercraft leaves no footprint on the green, and can go anywhere on the course, even over water. 

As the debut of the video by Bubba’s Hover is so close to April Fool’s, viewers are doubtful of the authenticity of the footage. But according to USAToday, CBSNews, and WashingtonPost, it’s as real as it gets folks. 


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Jan 162013

According to the popular 80’s film Back To The Future, the skies should be filled with flying cars by the year 2015. That’s most likely not going to happen in two short years, but Terry Barentsen shows that at least we have the next best thing. 

DeLorean hovercraft!


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