Apr 282014
Five Hacks To Remove Stripped Screws

As anyone who has ever touched a screwdriver knows, there’s nothing more annoying, frustrating, and infuriating than a stripped screw. Just when you think you’re about to get it to finally turn, the driver slips and the screw just gets even more damaged. 

Thankfully, the Household Hacker has stepped forward to offer viewers five simple ways to remove a stripped screw. Ahh, now isn’t that better?


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Feb 212014
How To Seceretly Use Your Smartphone In Class

Gone are the days of doodling and secretly reading comic books in class. Today, students have smartphones to distract themselves during school hours.

But most teachers don’t take too kindly to their students playing games on their mobile devices right in front of them. 

Thankfully, Web popular Household Hacker demonstrates how to make a stealth smartphone holder in this new video


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Jan 242014
How To Build A Remote Control Shoe

For his latest DIY project, the Household Hacker illustrates how to build a remote control shoe.

After modifying an old shoe with the inners of a cheap remote control car you can have a blast driving your dog insane or trick your neighbors into thinking they’re seeing things. 


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Jan 012014
How To Power A Small Fan With The Heat Of A Candle

How are you going to stay cool after the zombie apocalypse hits and there’s no electricity?

Thankfully, Household Hacker demonstrates how to make a candle powered fan in this latest how-to video. All you need is a Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier which transfers heat into electricity, and a few extra computer parts lying around. 


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Oct 302013
Trick Or Treat Candy Cannon Can Be Used For Good Or Evil

Using simple PVC tubing and a valve, Household Hacker demonstrates how to build a candy cannon just in time for Halloween

To implement his new device, he decided to flip the concept of trick-or-treating on some of his YouTube friends. Some were treated with quick candy from his cannon, while others were tricked with flour or even gloppy jelly. 


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