Sep 102011

As the economic outlook of the country gets worse everyday, people are figuring out ways to pinch every last penny. One of the greatest cost of living expenses is your house, so those who are serious about saving money need not look far. But it’s doubtful that many Americans would go as far to live in a dumpster. Or maybe this is the sad future of America?


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Aug 092011

We saw the 90 sq ft apartment in Manhattan that went viral last April. That apartment at least had it’s own bathroom and ‘bedroom loft’. Now this even small apartment in Manhattan has gone viral.

It’s only 78 sq ft, and when you’re getting that small every inch counts. He has to share his bathroom, but ‘only’ pay $750 a month. People outside New York are shocked, but some NYers want to live right in the thick of the city with out paying tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. This is the only way.


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Jul 052011

This video posted in May just had a burst of popularity. Mike shows us his Cube eco-home that he is working on. The cube is three by three by three meters-not much bigger than a large storage shed. But if you are one person and are thrifty, the cube home maybe for you. Also, the cube house is very sustainable, using only efficient lighting, heating, and solar panels.


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Feb 232011

House and Foreman enter an apartment just like one of the famous scenes from Pulp Fiction. It’s not exact, but you can see the similarities. House drinks one of the roommates’ drink, just like Samuel L. Jackson does. It’s a nice little homage bonus to a dying television show. When will Hollywood let a successful television show die with dignity, when it’s still good?

Here’s the original scene with Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta:

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