Jun 152016
Honest Trailer Of Finding Nemo

Pixar is returning with another much anticipated sequel, Finding Dory. Now, fans are stuck wondering, will this be a hit like Toy Story 2, or a flub like Cars 2? In honor of Finding Dory, Screen Junkies gives the original, Finding Nemo an honest trailer. 


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Jun 102016
WARCRAFT Video Game Honest Trailer

Way back when Windows 3.1 was still the hot new operating system and many nerds still played games on DOS, one game debuted from an obscure video game company that changed the world. Blizzard’s Warcraft was one of the first games to perfect the strategy point and click genre. Now, Warcraft has become an empire. In honor of Warcraft the movie, the nerds at Smosh Games gave the series an honest trailer. 


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May 192016
Honest Trailer Of Wreck-It Ralph

For years, Hollywood has been struggling to make a movie based on a video game that was actually good. Finally, after countless flubs by others, it took the pros at Disney to get it right. But as Screen Junkies explains, maybe it was a decent flick because it really was more of a food movie than a video game one. 


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May 102016
Honest Trailer Of Deadpool

Fans, movie critics, and Hollywood were all equally surprised by the success of their first R-rated superhero movie Deadpool. For years, PG-13 was the sweet spot for all action movies, but that didn’t stop Deadpool from becoming the highest grossing superhero movie since the fad began two decades ago. Deadpool actor himself, Ryan Reynolds, guests stars in this very special episode of Honest Trailers which is going viral.


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