Feb 032015
Honest Trailer Of The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie was unexpectedly one of the best films in 2014. Even though The Academy snubbed the film, kids and nostalgic adults alike couldn’t help but enjoy the CGI, stop-motion movie based around everyone’s favorite plastic building toy. 

The movie buffs at Screen Junkies teamed up with Epic Rap Battles of History to make this Honest Trailer for The Lego Movie extra special and hilarious. 


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Jan 212015
Honest Trailer Of Pirates Of The Caribbean

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean started out as just a hit film and quickly turned into a blockbuster series. Actor Johnny Depp is arguably most famous for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. The movies buffs of Screen Junkies give the series a more honest trailer in this hilarious movie review.  


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Dec 092014
Honest Trailer Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Before this summer Guardians of the Galaxy was only known by the most die-hard of comic books fans. But after debuting in theaters it quickly became the most popular summer flick. Naturally, the movie review nerds at Screen Junkies were asked by countless fans to give the Marvel action film a more honest trailer. They were happy to oblige. 


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Nov 182014
Super Smash Bros Honest Trailer

Super Smash Bros was revolutionary when it first came out for the Nintendo 64. Never before could gamers pound the heck out of each other as their favorite Nintendo characters. Since the original, there have been a slew of sequels. Now, just in time for the holiday season, Nintendo has debuted their most anticipated Smash Bros sequels for the 3DS and Nintendo Wii U. In honor of the new games, Smosh Games and Honest Trailers have teamed up to give a more honest trailer for the popular franchise. 


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Nov 182014
Honest Trailer Of The Little Mermaid

Who doesn’t look back at the classic Disney feature film The Little Mermaid through nostalgic lens? But as the movie nerds of Screen Junkies point out in this hilarious honest trailer, the movie doesn’t really have the best values. The musically talented singers of AVByte guest star in this trailer to recreate some of our favorite Little Mermaid songs with a little more honest lyrics. 


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