Apr 022015
I Did Nothing To The Coffee Fake April Fools Prank

Everyone is paranoid around the first of April. It’s only natural. Realizing this, Jimmy Kimmel asked his fans to prank their friends and family by telling them “I didn’t do anything to the coffee” just as they took a sip.

As expected they all freaked out after their realized it’s April first. But the prank is, they really didn’t do anything to the coffee. 


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Apr 012015
Google Fiber Launches Introducing Dial-Up Mode For April Fools

Google loves April Fools Day. For this year, Google’s Internet department known as Google Fiber has debuted this commercial for dial up service. You know, that archaically slow Internet connection that goes through the phone line.

Because sometimes it’s nice to wait five minutes for YouTube to load up… 


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Apr 012015
WestJet Airlines Debuts #SmartSeats Commercial For April Fools

Canadian airline West Jet loves publishing commercials that are unexpected from a world class airline. In honor of April Fools, they debuted this new fake commercial for their latest product to make travelling a smoother experience that they call SmartSeats.

If only it would be possible to sit down in the airport lounge and not have to ever get up. We can dream can’t we? 


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Apr 012015
Google’s April Fools Smart Mailbox Is Actually A Good Idea

Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular and famous email services online. In honor of April Fools Day Google made this hilarious commercial for a ‘smart’ mailbox for the home that has touch scanners, connects to bluetooth and more.

It’s actually not that crazy of an idea. 


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Mar 292015
John Oliver Explains Why April Fools Day Is The Worst

One of the worst parts about spring is that we all have to endure another obnoxious first of April, aka April Fools’ Day. As John Oliver eloquently explains in this short video, Aprils Fools is to comedy as St. Patrick’s Day is to Irish culture. Basically, only sociopaths looks forwards to the one day a year that we all have a pathetic excuse to betray the trust of our friends and loved ones. 


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