Dec 272013
Christmas Gifts For The Homeless

While we play with our new toys, iPhones, and computers, there are countless needy people on the streets who just want something simple like a sandwich or a watch. 

The Random Altruist wanted to do something special this Christmas, so, instead of shopping for expensive gifts for his friends and family who don’t need it, he took to the streets and asked homeless people what they wanted for Christmas. 

He used all of his extra spending money on their gifts to make their holiday. 

His video of his kind deeds is picking up steam, and has amassed over 100,000 hits already


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Dec 272013
Ultra Realistic Santa Claus Drawing Made In Microsoft Paint

Remember the video of the incredible finger painting of Morgan Freeman created on an iPad?

Real or fake, that painting doesn’t compare with this ultra realistic drawing of Santa Claus made in Microsoft Paint.  

Eclectic Asylum Art used simple Microsoft Paint tools to create a master piece that seems more like a photograph than a painting made with a vintage drawing application. 


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Dec 252013
Giving Homeless People A Christmas Morning Prank

The holidays can be a rough time, but it’s especially depressing when you’re out on the streets in the cold while others enjoy presents and warm cocoa by the fire.  

Roman Atwood wanted to do something about that, so he and Dennis Roady teamed up to give a few needy people a legit Christmas morning

They found a few sleeping homeless people and left wrapped gifts and even a Christmas tree for them to wake up to!

Merry Christmas!


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Dec 252013
Surprising Disadvantaged Kids With Dream Toys

BuzzFeed had another great year, and wanted to spread cheer this holiday by helping disadvantaged kids this Christmas. 

They consulted a group of professional toy experts–other kids–to find the perfect gifts for their needy clients.  

The adorable video has already amassed over 650,000 hits.


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Dec 252013
Secret Angel Deliveries For The Homeless

The holidays can be rough when you’re out on the street with no family dinner or warm fire to nuzzle by. 

That’s why magician and good Samaritan Stuart Edge and his buddy Mike hit the streets on Christmas Eve to delivery care packages to the homeless

To make things extra magical, Stuart dressed in all white and claimed to be angel as he made his deliveries. Mike played along and pretended to not see him. 

Their touching gag worked like a charm, except for the one guy who recognized Stuart. 

“Dude, that was Stuart Edge. I’ve seen his videos, he gives a dollar to a pizza guy and, boom, it turns to a hundred.”


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