Apr 152014
Interview For World’s Toughest Job Will Open Your Eyes

Card Store posted a fake job in newspapers and online looking for a Director of Operations, and received countless applications. They held real interviews over the Internet.

Applicants were shocked to learn the job would demand for them to be on their feet almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with basically no breaks. The workload would actually increase during Christmas and the holidays. 

The worst part? The position pays absolutely nothing!

Who would take such a horribly demanding job?

Every mom, that’s who!

This prank video has instantly gone viral with over 700,000 hits!



Via TheBlaze

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Apr 012014
Cats Reacting To Cat Viral Videos Is Adorable

For their April Fools video, The Fine Brothers spoofed their own ever popular React series with cats reacting to viral videos instead of kids or elders

Sure, it’s silly, but adorable nonetheless. Besides, what’s better than a cat viral video? A cat watching a cat viral video of course!


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Apr 012014
Rosetta Stone For Klingon April Fools Commercial

Have you ever wanted to learn Klingon, but felt the complex language was too difficult to master?

Well worry no more. Famous language learning company Rosetta Stone is proud to introduce their latest product to teach the Klingon language. 

Worf actor Michael Dorn himself stars in this nerdy April Fools commercial produced by Nerdist.


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Apr 012014
Introducing Samuel Adams HeliYUM April Fools Commercial

It seems everyone is getting in on the April Fools fun this year. 

Even Jim Koch and Samuel Adams is joining in the trend to make a faux April Fools video. 

In this humorous commercial, Jim introduces a new Sam Adams beer made with Helium, appropriately called HeliYUM. Naturally, the beer has very funny and high pitched effects on the drinker. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Apr 012014
YouTube Announces Upcoming 2014 Viral Video Trends April Fools

You know all those popular YouTube memes and jokes everyone loves to spread and share? YouTube Spotlight has finally admitted they are the ones behind them all. From Gangnam Style, to Harlem Shake, to planking, YouTube has been writing, shooting, and directing all the best memes. 

Now, they’ve announced all the new upcoming viral videos, memes, and trend in this new promotion for 2014. Get ready for clocking, kissing dad, and more crazy memes!

Of course, this is all a fun gag in honor of April Fools.


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