Mar 062014
John Green Explains The Crisis In Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia have been in the headlines for weeks now. Still, many Americans are confused by the political crisis brewing in Ukraine and how Russia is involved. 

Thankfully, Internet nerd fighter John Green of the Vlog Brothers has stepped forward to explain the situation in simple terms. 


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Mar 052014
27 Facts About Newspaper Comic Strips

Soon, comic strips will no longer exist in their original newspaper form. They have now transformed and evolved into Web comics. 

Before they are completely forgotten, trivia nerd John Green of Mental Floss reviews 27 facts about newspaper comic strips.


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Feb 112014
World War One Explained In 6 Minutes With Adorable Drawings

World War II was longer, somehow even more horrific, and was more recent, so the second World War usually trumps the first in history class. 

But that doesn’t mean World War I should be ignored. 

To help educate the Web, artist John D Ruddy created this World War I lesson, covering all of the war’s highlights in six minutes with adorable drawings


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