Jul 282015
100 Years Of German Beauty

Cut Video is back with another gorgeous episode in their 100 years of beauty series. This time, the cover the makeup and fashion trends in Germany over the past century, covering both East Germany and West Germany after the country was split post-World War II. As usual, their work is simply stunning. 


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Jul 202015
Shaka Zulu VS Julius Caesar Epic Rap Battle

Shaka kaSenzangakhona, or just Shaka Zulu for short, was a powerful king of the Zulu Kingdom in the southern tip of Africa in the 19th century. But can he stand toe to toe with Rome’s powerful leader Julius Caesar? To finally decide which leader is greater, the two, played by DeStorm Power and Nice Peter, face off in an Epic Rap Battle


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Jul 142015
100 Years Of Italian Beauty

When people think of Italy, they think of Catholicism, pizza, and beautiful fashion and people. Cut Video is back with their popular series covering beauty trends over the past one hundred years. This time, they review the past ten decades of Italian beauty, makeup, and fashion styles. Simply stunning and gorgeous! 


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Jul 092015
100 Years of Men’s Fashion

It seems the Internet has found a new trend. After covering women’s makeup and fashion styles over the past century from around the world many times before, Mode’s Glam has stepped forward to finally put the spotlight on men. In this new video, they cover the past 100 years of male fashion in America. Looking good guys! 


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