Apr 082016
65 Rock Songs Through Time

Like all music, rock and roll has seriously evolved over the years. What was once serious rock and roll is now considered almost dull and juvenile. Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs teamed up with  Ken Tamplin, and Gabriela Gunčíková to cover the past 65 years of rock and roll with 65 rock songs, starting with Rock Around The Clock, and ending with Psycho by Muse. 


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Mar 152016
How Far Back In Time Can You Still Understand English

Remember having tests on old literature in English class like Shakespeare? You may recognize many words, but it’s still very confusing. So how far back in time can you go before you can’t understand English at all?

Yestervid finds out in this trending video.


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Mar 092016
Ultimate History Of Rock

Ever wonder what it would be like if Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and so many classic rock stars had social media to spread their music? Well wonder no more. Ithaca Audio reviews the past 60 years of rock and roll in this ultimate music video which features over 340 rock stars and 60 different classic rock songs. It’s so good, you won’t even notice that it’s 14 minutes long. 


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Mar 082016
Man Finds Wallet From 1940’s And Returns It To Owner Who Is Now 85

While renovating an old theater, Larry found an old wallet lodged between the floor boards. At first, he thought it was a child’s wallet, but when he opened it he was shocked by what he found. The wallet contained papers and pictures from the 1940’s. There was a personal ID card inside with the name Clare McIntosh. Incredibly, Larry was able to find Clare alive and well at the age of 85 to give him the wallet he lost when he was 15, reports KCCI


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