Oct 042013
Dancer Mom And Three Year Old Daughter Dance To Beyonce On Ellen

Back in May, Tianne King was dancing in the studio as usual, when her adorable then-two year old daughter Heaven joined in on the Beyonce choreography. 

The video quickly went viral, and now stands with over 1.6 million views!

Unofficial queen of YouTube, Ellen DeGeneres, recently watched the viral video, and just had to have the two on her show. 

After a bit of chit-chat, mom and daughter danced for the studio audience to great applause, and now the new Ellen clip is trending as well over the weekend. 


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Sep 182013
Rap Themed Sports Report By Adam Lefkoe

After recently going viral by seamlessly intertwining famous Seinfeld quotes, lines, and gags into his news report, sports reporter Adam Lefkoe of WHAS11 has again returned to the viral stage after publishing his latest ‘performance.’

This time he smoothly, yet impossibly, slipped in over 40 famous lyrics and references from popular hip hop songs into his RapCast

The video, published on Sunday, is trending now more than ever, and is featured on Mashable, Nosebleeds, and DailyDot


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Aug 302013
I Am A Dog Kanye West Parody

Kanye West is famous for being humble and modest, so it’s no surprise that his new trending song is appropriately titled I Am A God.

After hearing Kanye’s new hit Above Average saw an opportunity and took it. They just published this new hilarious spoof poking fun at West, perfectly titled I Am A Dog

Already the new clip has over 650,000 hits!


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Aug 302013
Cheerios Bee Meets Rapper Nelly Commercial

Just back in May, Cheerios went viral with their controversial advertisement garnering over four million views!

Now, the famous cereal brand is trending again after collaborating with hip hop rap star Nelly to produce this three week old commercial, Bee Got Swag.

Some viewers just aren’t digging the ‘swag’ makeover Buzz the Cheerios bee is given by Nelly. Perhaps there was some confusion during the celebrity endorsement selection, as the rap star isn’t well known as a family friendly entertainer. 

For the cherry, they even auto-tuned Buzz’s voice…. Why?


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Aug 072013

DIRECTV has teamed up with the NFL famous Manning brothers to promote their new DIRECTV services on mobile devices, including your smartphone. 

To spread the good word, Eli Manning and Peyton Manning star in this new hip hop music video, titled Football On Your Phone, that is already trending online. 

The music video is further reviewed on NFL, CBSSports, and Mashable


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