Sep 032014
Ram Takes Down Quadcopter Drone

Buddhanz found an angry ram in the forest, and decided to follow it with his remote control quadcopter. But the ram was not in the mood, and literally rammed the drone out of the sky. When Bud went to retrieve his drone, he found an even angrier ram who was not interested in any fun or games. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Aug 282014
Google Introduces Project Wing

The Internet and tech world exploded in glee when Amazon introduced their drone delivery program, Amazon Prime Air. Though the program is years from reality, it demonstrates what will soon be commonplace. Now, the world’s most famous tech company, Google, is joining the drone game. 

Google‘s semi-secret invention center Google X has just debuted Project Wing, a similar drone delivery program. Soon, the sky will be full of buzzing drones delivering pizzas to headphones. 


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Jun 092014
Helicopter Trims Tree

Slope Mower posted this video at the end of 2012, but it has only gone viral now with 400,000 new views. What do you do when large trees are growing too close to the power lines? They’re too high to cut by hand. How about using a helicopter! 


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Apr 252014
Pilot Performs Aerobatic Helicopter Tricks

Chuck Aaron isn’t such a fan of gravity. So he’s made it his mission in life to stand up to the natural force in every way he can. That includes piloting a helicopter and performing extreme, mind-blowing aerobatic tricks. Watch as he flips, twirls, rolls, and dives like it’s no big deal in this trending video published by Red Bull


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Dec 092013
Helicopter Quickly Drops Christmas Trees Into Truck With Perfection

This video may look like video game footage, but it is very real. 

The Northwest Report posted the clip two Christmases ago, but it has only gone viral now. 

Pilot Dan Clark can be seen flying a helicopter with amazing precision during the Christmas tree harvesting at Noble Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon.

He quickly drops the trees off into a truck while perfectly accounting for the momentum and weight of his swinging cargo. 

Flawless victory. 


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