Apr 052014
Animation On Mass Incarceration In The US Will Depress You

America has a serious problem.

Even though America has only 4% of the world’s population, we hold 25% of the world’s incarcerated prisoners. Statistically far more than so called less free countries, like North Korea, Russia, and China. 

Worse yet, the numbers have only accelerated over the past few decades. 

Hank Green of the Vlog Brothers discusses this serious problem of mass incarceration in the US in this enlightening and depressing educational animation


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Mar 162014
The Science Of REAL Hoverboards

Two weeks ago, Tony Hawk and a slew of other famous celebrities collaborated to prank the Web with a video purportedly demonstrating a real hoverboard. Sadly, and quite obviously, it was a fraud. 

That inspired super nerd Hank Green of Sci Show to explain the true science of hover technology


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Mar 132014
The Teenage Brain Explained

For most people, the teenage years of life are a time of anxiety and pimples. It’s not that much fun. 

But what exactly is going on in our brains that makes us act like jerks, and often throw logic and common sense out the window?

Internet nerd Hank Green of Sci Show explains all the ins and outs of the rapidly changing teenage brain in this newly trending video


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Mar 052014
Why Do Bug Bites Itch

It may seem far away, but soon all this snow will melt and the cold will move on. Before you know it the flowers will be blooming and the sun will be shining. 

But there’s always a downside. With the warm weather comes the bugs, and that means bug bites. 

Why do bug bites itch so much?

Hank Green of Sci Show explains in this new educational video


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Feb 282014
Why Did People Love Flappy Bird

It seems that the buzz surrounding the simple smartphone game Flappy Bird exploded out of nowhere, and then just as quickly dissipated. 

But what was it about Flappy that was so addicting? Why did so many people love Flappy Bird so much?

Internet nerd Hank Green of Sci Show explains the brain science behind the gaming phenomenon in this trending video


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