Jan 152016
How To Remove Your Kid’s Boots With No Hands

When it snows grownups and kids usually go through opposite emotions. Children are super excited to play in the snow and for the chance school might be cancelled. But grownup instantly dread the snow. Now we have to shovel the walk way. And rush hour traffic will be a nightmare.

Also, the mess kids leave after playing in the snow is a huge pain. Thankfully, Viva Frei explains how to get your kid’s boots off in one second with this quick life hack. This video has gone viral with over 100,000 hits!


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Jan 082016
Life Hack To Defog Car Windows In The Winter

Old man winter can make traveling impossible at worst, and annoying at best. One common issue is the windshield and windows fogging up because of the way the moisture in the air reacts to the bitter cold. 

Thankfully, Mark Rober has stepped forward to explain a simple trick to defog your car windows in this viral video which already has over one million views!


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Dec 152015
Japanese Gift Wrapping Hack Explained

The truly prepared already have their Christmas presents wrapped and hidden away. But the rest of us have real life to deal with and will most likely wrap our gifts with just minutes counting down to Christmas morning. 

To help lift your gift wrapping game, Beat The Bush explains a simple yet ingenious Japanese gift wrapping technique. The video was actually published last Christmas, but it has only gone viral now with over 4 million new views!


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Dec 142015
How To Learn Calculus In 20 Seconds

If you ask a group of teenagers what subject is the most difficult, odds are most will say math. Sure arithmetic and even algebra isn’t that bad. But once you cross the line into trigonometry and calculus, everything you thought you knew about math goes right out the window. Thankfully, we have the Internet and YouTube to help us with our school work. Casually Explained explains how to solve nearly any calculus problem in just 20 seconds with this one trick


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Dec 122015
Kitchen Drawer Blocked By Oven Door Is Fixed In Unexpected Way

After searching and shopping for seemingly forever you finally find a brand new oven for the kitchen. It’s a great model and you got it for a great price. But after installing the oven you realize an unforeseen problem. The handle on the oven door blocks one of the kitchen drawers. This is exactly the situation that one man found himself. What he did to rectify the situation is nothing short of genius. 


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