Dec 312014
Oldest Gymnast In The World Will Inspire You

Saying Johanna Quaas is an experienced gymnast is an understatement. Her first competition was in 1934, before World War II. Now, at the tender age of 89, Johanna is famous as being the oldest gymnast in the world. While visiting the International Gymnastics Training Camp in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, she demonstrated for a group of girls that she’s still got the move! You go Großmutter!


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Oct 232013
Mini Homemade Robot Performs Triple Backflip-Landing

Back in July, Japanese YouTuber Hinamitetu posted video of his impressive miniature gymnastic robot which performed a Quadruple Backflip. That video went viral with over 900,000 views to date. 

Now, he has returned with his latest ‘bot to perform a Triple Backflip-Landing, and has already amassed over 550,000 hits this week!


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Feb 222013

Another Harlem Shake video. … 

So why is this one by the Nebraska Men’s Gymnastics team trending? Because they bring something to the table that no else can compete with.

Amazing moves, and rock hard bodies. Frankly, the new video–which has already garnered over 200,000 views–would have gone viral regardless of what music was playing.


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Apr 172012

Unbeknown to most, there is a new sport in town called Tricking. It’s really just an extreme form of gymnastics and acrobatics where the gymnast performs ninja like jumps and flips.

This video from February published by  features Brandon MCcuien jumping, flipping, and defying gravity like he’s in the Matrix. It’s no wonder the video has over one million views, and continues to trends still. 


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Apr 152012

Satellite radio show  published this video of an amazing gymnastics dance crew at the park. One of the dancers flips and jumps in ways that seem inhuman. @OpieRadio‘s title of the video, ‘You Can’t Do This,’ seems like a very good judgement call. 


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