Nov 022015
Shooting Stuff In Super Slow Motion

As Hollywood has already established, stuff exploding is always a winner with viewers. Vickers Tactical took this concept to the next level in this latest clip. They took everyday items, such as delicious burgers, candles, bananas, and milk, and fired a bullet directly through them while filming in super slow motion. Glorious. But come on, what a waste of a yummy looking burger. 


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Oct 192015
Pumpkin Carving With A Rifle

Firearms enthusiast Hickok45 is a master with a rifle. As Halloween is just around the corner, Jack-o-lanterns are popping up everywhere. But all that cutting and slicing, it’s just such a pain. Thankfully, Hickok45 demonstrates how to carve a pumpkin for a Halloween Jack-o-lantern in moments with just a couple rounds with a rifle. The results actually looks creepy and is perfect for Halloween. 


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Sep 142015
Every Famous Video Game Weapon First Person Shooter

There are countless iconic weapons from the video game world. Too many to count. But what if there was a game that featured all of them? From a Star Wars blaster, to the Portal gun, to even a fork… The special effects masters at Corridor Digital imagined just that in this latest homage to video game guns. Simply epic! 


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Aug 172015
Pistol Shot Recorded At Super Slow Motion 73,000 Frames Per Second

Nearly everything under the lens of a super slow motion camera becomes much more exciting and intriguing. And that definitely applies to a pistol being fired. Adam Savage of the Discovery Channel‘s popular show Mythbusters was left almost speechless after watching a pistol being fired in super slow motion at 73,000 frames per second. Wow! 


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Jun 282015
Queen’s Guard Raises Rifle At Harassing Tourist

One of the focal points of visiting Buckingham Palace in London, England is seeing the Queen’s Royal Guard. Tourists can’t help but pose by the stoic marines who are iconic for their red coats, tall furry hats, and for not flinching no matter what happens.

Well, one tourist took things too far when he touched the marching soldier on the shoulder close to his gun. That’s when the soldier raised his rifle in defense and terrifying screamed, “Get back from the Queen’s Guard!” 

Now this video has gone viral with over 5.5 million hits!


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