Sep 192013
Journey Of The Guitar Solo Through Time

After rock and roll became mainstream in the 50′s, the guitar solo became a standard in music. 

The musical nerds of CDZA teamed up with Mark Sidney Johnson to traverse through 28 famous guitar solos over the past 50 years.

How many songs do you recognize?


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Aug 042013

Coincidental Music published this music video by George O’Shea and Lloyd Smallwood a week ago, and it is steadily gaining viral traction. On Thursday, the video was posted on Wimp, and yesterday it was featured on Reddit.

The two sing an acoustic cover of No Diggity with a splash of Thrift Shop in the video, and have amassed over 100,000 hits so far. 


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Jul 182013

John Marek has gone from an online nobody to a viral superstar! In just one day, his original song Back of my Head has exploded onto the viral video scene, garnering over a quarter million views

For the cherry on top, John does it all, playing the guitar and the drums at the same time while singing his original White Stripes-inspired rock song.  


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Jul 162013

NSFW Warning 

Unique musical group Beat Box Duke have gone viral! Their quickened cover of the web’s latest musical obsession, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, is like no other online, melding beatboxing, harmony, and guitar into one epic performance like never before. Their cover stands with over 425,000 hits


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Jul 102013

Like so many Americans, Jimmy Rose grew up in a small town where going to the coal mine after high school was the norm. After spending sometime underground after graduating , Jimmy decided to join the Marines and serve his country. 

After returning home in one piece, Jimmy counted his blessings and decided to finally chase his dream of being a country music singer on the stage of America’s Got Talent

The homegrown Kentucky boy sang his own original song Coal Keeps The Lights On that touched the hearts of the entire auditorium, prompting even the judges to rise to their feet in applause. 


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