Jun 122013

Like too many children in the world, Paul Thomas Mitchell grew up with parents who were hurting too much themselves to give him the love, care, and attention he deserved. 

But after years of alcohol abuse, his father finally woke up and sobered up, and is now the dad Paul always dreamed up. 

To show his dad how much he means to him, Paul wrote his own song My Life, and performed it with a strong John Mayer bravado on stage of America’s Got Talent

By the end of his performance, nearly the entire auditorium was misty-eyed, including even host Nick Cannon


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Jun 022013

There’s not much cuter than a baby musician. This two year old tyke is already getting a hang of the guitar as he practices with his dad, performing the timeless classic Don’t Let Me Down together.

Learn from this case fathers. Baby’s need The Beatles, not Justin Bieber. 

The cute father-son video was posted by Painel Pop, and has been trending over the weekend.


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May 302013

It’s a sad, and even terrifying thought. The 2000s are over. Just as it seems the web was getting over their obsession of the 90′s. Oh well. 

As a homage to the crazy decade, rock-metal obsessed Metal rr5 traversed through 30 Guitar Riffs Of The 2000s, including hits from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sum 41, Iron Maiden, and more. 

The video has quickly amassed over 200,000 hits, and is even featured on CollegeHumor and Reddit


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May 242013

Graduation is upon us. Finally, after all those years of test taking and awkward dances, high school is ending for countless seniors. 

Most kids relish just thinking about being 18 and free, but Rhett and Link want to remind the youth of the severity of adulthood. They explain this in their new hilarious music video The Graduation Song


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May 222013

Of all rock music, Van Halen’s guitar solo Eruption has to be one of the most famous and rock-tastic pieces of all time. The song instantly conjures up images of fire, mosh pits, Harley bikes, tattoos, and anything else that just plain rocks. 

But fourteen year old Tina wants people to know that Van Halen isn’t just for the boys. To prove her point, she covered the famous guitar solo in this new video that is going viral. 


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