Jul 162013

NSFW Warning 

Unique musical group Beat Box Duke have gone viral! Their quickened cover of the web’s latest musical obsession, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, is like no other online, melding beatboxing, harmony, and guitar into one epic performance like never before. Their cover stands with over 425,000 hits


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Jul 102013

Like so many Americans, Jimmy Rose grew up in a small town where going to the coal mine after high school was the norm. After spending sometime underground after graduating , Jimmy decided to join the Marines and serve his country. 

After returning home in one piece, Jimmy counted his blessings and decided to finally chase his dream of being a country music singer on the stage of America’s Got Talent

The homegrown Kentucky boy sang his own original song Coal Keeps The Lights On that touched the hearts of the entire auditorium, prompting even the judges to rise to their feet in applause. 


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Jul 012013

This upbeat music video by Canadian musicians Bowser and Blue was published over five years ago, but is trending again now over the Canada Day holiday. 

The two men, one on guitar and one on harmonica, sing about how glad they are they live in Canada, touting their country’s policies that differ from their neighbor to the South. 

“There’s a test you have to take to be a citizen. Would you like to be Canadian. Ya! OK, you’re in!” they sing. 

Happy Canada Day!


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Jul 012013

YouTube musician Chad Neidt is well known for his one minute mash up medleys.

For his latest song, he asked his fans for their favorite commercial jingles. He then put together this Famous Commercial Jingles Medley that has viewers itching for some chocolate, bubble gum-flavored cat food. 


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