Mar 202014
YouTuber Surprises Busker

A month ago, British YouTube musician Rob Chapman stumbled upon an amazing slide guitarist on the streets of Brighton and took out his camera.

He felt bad that he couldn’t find Nelly Niel again because he made a couple of bucks on the video after posting the performance on YouTube.

But he just recently found Nelly again. Not only did he give him the YouTube cash, but he also helped him set up an online presence

This video telling the story has gone viral with over 200,000 hits!


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Mar 102014
Heavy Metal Cover Of Let It Go

331Erock is famous as YouTube’s unofficial heavy metal cover artist. He’s covered countless unexpected tunes in the past, and now is trending after taking on Let It Go from Disney’s hit feature film Frozen

Surprisingly, the song sounds awesome as a metal-rock tune


Via YouTubeTrends

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Feb 232014
‘Call You Home’ By Kelvin Jones Is Beautiful

Small time musician and singer Kelvin Jones has quickly made a name for himself online after his original piece Call You Home went viral. 

The song was published online in January, but it has only exploded over the past week after being shared on Reddit, and stands with over 700,000 views!

He’s even been featured on Good Morning America on ABC.  


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Jan 282014
Girl Rebukes Modern Country Music With Original Song ‘There’s No Country Here’

As the web has seen, country music has turned into a pop music shadow of itself.  

Fifteen year old Melody Williamson isn’t happy with this recent revelation. She misses her good old fashion country that didn’t just sing about trucks and beer, but told a much deeper story about life and love. 

To battle the new beast, she made her own original song, There’s No Country Here, to express her disapproval. 


Via DailyPicks.

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