Jan 202016
Little Kid Tries To Help When He Finds Phone Recording Inside Guitar

Remember when smartphones were just hitting the market and videos taken inside of an acoustic guitar went viral online. They were just so cool and showed us a new perspective never thought of before. 

Jessica Montoya wanted to give the phone in the guitar trick a whirl, but little Jacob interrupted to give her the bad news that her phone was stuck in the guitar. 

“Next time be careful with your phone.”

Simply precious. This video has gone viral with over 360,000 hits!


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Nov 022015
Wolves Join Guitarists Playing In The Woods

Musicians Shawn James and Baker made the awesome choice of the Wolf Sanctuary to perform their cover of American Hearts by A.A. Bondy. While singing and strumming, wolves in the distance can be heard howling along. Chilling and beautiful! This cover music video was published in 2013, but has only gone viral now with over 2 million views!


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Oct 292015
80 Year Old Man Is Awesome At Guitar

As they say, age is just a number. Bob Wood is eighty years old, but he doesn’t let his age stop him from rocking and rolling. This clip of Bob ripping the guitar has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Aug 122015
Musician Performs Gorgeous Rendition On Chapman Stick

Have you ever heard of a chapman stick? Odds are you haven’t. It was invented in the 1970’s and is basically an electric string instrument that is related to a guitar and bass. Indi.com published this video last January of the self proclaimed Stickman playing a gorgeous song on the chapman stick, but it has only gone viral now with over one million new views!


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Jul 282015
31 Rock Songs In 1 Minute Compilation

Some rock songs can be identified by just a few guitar chords. That’s how ingrained into the culture they are. Rocker Rob Scallon pays homage to 31 famous rock songs by mashing together a few chords from each song into one epic compilation


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