Oct 062013
Ultimate Guilty Dogs Compilation

When the first few guilty dog videos were introduced online, the web went absolutely nuts over them. Now, they have become an Internet staple with countless appearing on YouTube. 

Funny Plox did the hard work, sifting through countless guilty dog videos to produce this ultimate, best-of guilty dogs compilation

Since debuting before the weekend, the cute compilation has amassed over 350,000 views after receiving a viral boost from TastefullyOffensive


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Oct 242012

The Internet simply loves guilty dogs, but it’s often difficult to find the good ones. Luckily, Brazilian YouTube top ten list channel  has compiled the ten most popular and viral guilty dog videos into this single viral list.


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Mar 262012

It’s reported by DailyPicksAndFlicks that this cute pug stole a sausage from the dinner table, so as punishment his master sent him to timeout in the corner. The poor pup gives the best guilty puppy dog face as he slowly sneaks away.

The short and sweet video from China is only a week old, but already has more than 500,000 views, and is featured on TheDailyWhat, Digg, HuffingtonPost, and YouTubeTrends


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Sep 292011

Dog owners love to record their guilty dogs after they ‘commit a crime,’ like going through the trash.  came home from work to see the trash all over the floor. He has three dogs, and finding the guilty dog was not that difficult. To bad dogs don’t have opposable thumbs. 


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May 312011

Remember the guilty dog that went viral a while back? Well, these animal lovers had a similar problem. They came home to find someone had made a mess of the trash bin. Of their two dogs, they found the guilty culprit, but it wasn’t because the dog seemed guilty. It was simple detective work. The video is shared on StuffIStoleFromTheInternet.


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