Jun 092016
Meme Cats Go Grocery Shopping In German Commercial

Who said Germans don’t have a sense of humor? German supermarket chain Netto Marken Discount brings several Internet cat memes to life in this commercial in which the famous felines go grocery shopping. 

The ad already has over 750,000 hits!


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Dec 012015
Toddler’s Mind Is Adorably Blown Away By Automatic Sliding Doors At Grocery

We take a lot of things for granted in life. But for a baby, everything is fresh and new. The world is full of surprises. Even the boring old grocery store can be a place of wonder and magic. Abraham Vargas took their toddler son to the grocery when the little guy first noticed that the automatic doors opened whenever he came close. Soon, his mind was completely blown. Just look at that face! So cute! 


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Sep 232015
Grocery Store Turns Into Trippy Dog Dream Using Google’s Deep Dream

It seems the world’s most popular search engine is always cooking up something strange and weird these days. Their latest outrageous project in called Deep Dream in which they have taught computers to modify pictures and videos to make them appear totally tripped out. Pouff took some boring footage of the grocery and using Deep Dream created a trippy dog dream. It’s totally cool and slightly disturbing. 


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Oct 232014
The 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet

When you’re a world record holding professional strongman, everything you do it big. Your workouts are big, your clothes are big, and your diet is gigantic! The foodies of Munchies followed professional strongman Robert Oberst around for a day to see what exactly he does, and how he fuels his huge body. Hint: consuming 20,000 calories a day gets very expensive. 


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Oct 172014
What It’s Like To Be Stoned At The Grocery Store

At first it seems like the best idea. After a long session with Mary Jane, a quick trip to the grocery sounds awesome. But more often than not, the adventure turns into a terrifying, over stimulating ordeal. BuzzFeed recreates what it’s really like to go food shopping after a smokey session in this new video. Did we really just spend $100 on junk food? And is it just me, or has someone been following us the entire time?


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